Air Products acquires five operating hydrogen plants from PBF Energy for $530m

first_imgThe acquired hydrogen plants are located in Torrance and Martinez, California and Delaware City, Delaware. Air Products has also started long-term supply of hydrogen from these plants to refineries of PBF. (Credit: Pixabay/Adam Radosavljevic) Air Products, a Pennsylvania-based industrial gases and chemicals producer, has completed the acquisition of five operating stream methane reformer (SMR) hydrogen production plants from PBF Energy for $530m.The company has also started long-term supply of hydrogen from these plants to refineries of PBF.The newly acquired hydrogen plants have combined capacity of nearly 300 million standard cubic feet per day and are located in Torrance and Martinez, California and Delaware City, Delaware.Air Products chairman, president and CEO Seifi Ghasemi said: “We are very pleased that in close cooperation with our long-standing partner PBF, which is one of largest independent refiners in North America, that we have been able to close on this transaction in record time.“We have now started supplying hydrogen to PBF from the five SMRs that we have purchased from them. This deal is an excellent example and demonstrates our ability to execute our strategy of investing in long-term onsite deals, which includes asset acquisitions like we have successfully closed. We look forward to a continued long-term relationship with PBF.”Air Products operates five hydrogen plants in CaliforniaAir Products supplies hydrogen to refineries for producing cleaning burning transportation fuels. Hydrogen is widely used across petroleum refining processes to remove impurities found in crude oil.Presently, the company operates 12 industrial gas facilities in California, which includes the five hydrogen production plants. The hydrogen produced at the plants will be used in producing ultra-low sulphur transportation fuels such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.It also supplies hydrogen for fueling and fueling infrastructure in California to support the growing fleet of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.PBF Energy chairman and CEO Tom Nimbley said: “PBF Energy is pleased to have worked cooperatively with Air Products, a global leader in the supply of hydrogen to refineries, to complete this transaction and expand the long-term relationship between our two companies.”last_img read more

Shell launches open innovation studio to reimagine the future of work in exploration

first_img Image: Royal Dutch Shell head office in the Netherlands. (Credit: P.L. van Till at nl.wikipedia) Studio X, a first-of-its-kind open innovation studio powered by Shell (NYSE: RDS), launched today with three initial products to help define the future of exploration.Starting with three products focused on exploration and discovery, Studio X will immediately offer software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities, and more to energy innovators.Xeek is the home for crowdsourcing revolutionary geoscience ideas. We unite data scientists and geoscientists from all over the world in a community dedicated to tackling complex problems with brilliant solutions.XCover is a global talent network for virtual exploration projects. We match specialized geoscience talent to a variety of rewarding exploration projects run from state-of-the-art virtual workstations, enabling you to execute projects from anywhere in the world at any time.SixLab is a no-strings attached incubator, powered by Shell, that provides exploration entrepreneurs with access to world-class mentorship, resources, and facilities to help shape the future of energy.“Studio X brings tech advances at a challenging time for exploration and the global economy,” said Mauhan Zonoozy, Acting GM of Studio X. “The technology within will lead to better ways of working in the exploration field — increasing collaboration and ultimately improving outcomes. Studio X will fuel big ideas, connect a network of global talent with remote work opportunities, empower and guide entrepreneurs and startups, and crowdsource bold solutions to make the ideas of today into the industry-leading tools of tomorrow.”While technology and innovation are constantly being introduced, the ways of working in the exploration space have generally remained the same until now. Studio X will break down silos, improve outcomes, and increase collaboration, using a flexible workforce.“Studio X was developed by Shell to reimagine the future of work in exploration,” said Marc Gerrits, Shell’s Executive Vice President of Global Exploration. “To meet increasing global energy demand, oil and gas will remain an element of the energy mix for decades to come. By harnessing efficiencies, embracing new technologies, and deploying digital capabilities, Studio X will be at the forefront as the exploration profession evolves.”In launching Studio X, Shell (or potentially third-party project sponsors) offers real-world projects with data to an untapped worldwide network of scientists, entrepreneurs, and tech leaders – crowdsourcing ideas and nurturing companies to usher in a new chapter in exploration.“Studio X couldn’t come at a more important time in our industry – especially given the ongoing global pandemic,” said Michael Tischer, exploration geoscientist and XCover Explorer-In-Residence. “In addition to its first physical studio located in Austin, TX Studio X offers remote work opportunities – eliminating geographic constraints. Scientists, researchers, and innovators can participate on their own terms, either between projects or as a full-time endeavor. That’s especially appealing for those who have worked in this industry and are looking for new forums to share their ideas.” Source: Company Press Release Studio X will immediately offer software tools, on-demand work, prize-winning challenges, mentorship opportunities, and more to energy innovatorslast_img read more

UK: Falklands Patrol Ship HMS Clyde Helps Injured Yachtswoman

first_img View post tag: helps View post tag: Navy View post tag: Falklands View post tag: Clyde View post tag: HMS November 5, 2012 UK: Falklands Patrol Ship HMS Clyde Helps Injured Yachtswoman Share this article View post tag: Injuredcenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today UK: Falklands Patrol Ship HMS Clyde Helps Injured Yachtswoman View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Patrol Falklands patrol ship HMS Clyde returned to the islands from South Georgia ‘plus one’ after helping an injured yachtswoman.Clyde was paying one of her regular visits to the spectacular island, 1,000 miles from the Falklands, dropping off British Antarctic Survey scientists at their research stations in Grytviken and Bird Island, when she received a request for help.Thirty-one-year-old New Zealander Kali Kahn was the first mate of the charter yacht SY Pelagic Australis, which spends seven months of the year in South Georgia and South Atlantic.She injured her back sailing the 74ft yacht, owned by renowned sailor and explorer Skip Novak, to Grytviken and could not continue the voyage guiding a team of scientists around South Georgia.With no air transport on the remote island, boat is the only way of getting on and off, so Clyde stepped in, offering the Kiwi a cabin for the journey back to East Falkland and further medical assistance.Kail said:“It’s not how I was planning to travel back to the Falklands, but I am very grateful to the crew of HMS Clyde for offering me a lift back.“It’s been an amazing opportunity to see the Royal Navy in action.”Clyde’s CO Lt Cdr Mark Anderson added:“It was our pleasure to be able to offer our assistance to a fellow seafarer and we are glad that we could offer her a place to sleep and rest to help her in her journey to recovery.”[mappress]Naval Today Staff,November 5, 2012; Image: Royal Navy View post tag: Naval View post tag: Yachtswoman View post tag: shiplast_img read more

US Navy Sends Warships near Israel

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today US Navy Sends Warships near Israel US Navy Sends Warships near Israel November 20, 2012 View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy View post tag: near View post tag: sends The U.S. Navy is sending three warships to the Mediterranean, near Israel in case evacuation of its citizens from Israel is needed, according to the warships that the U.S. Navy has sent near Israel are:USS New York (Complement: 28 officers, 332 enlisted), USS Gunston Hall (Complement: 22 officers, 391 enlisted) and USS Iwo Jima (Complement: 73 Officers, 1009 Enlisted). The ships will remain in the Mediterranean for now.U.S. officials stressed that an evacuation remains an extremely remote possibility and the president’s administration is not currently planning for one.Americans who wish to leave Israel are able to do so using commercial airlines.Ben-Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv continues to operate as usual; however, air traffic controllers have altered flight paths to keep commercial aircraft away from incoming Hamas rockets and Iron Dome defensive missiles, reports the Air France has announced that due to the armed conflict, there may be disruption to its flights in and out of the country.[mappress]Naval Today Staff, November 20, 2012 View post tag: US View post tag: Israel Share this article View post tag: Naval View post tag: Warshipslast_img read more

British Naval Duo Show Off Engineering Skills at Sea

first_img Training & Education Back to overview,Home naval-today British Naval Duo Show Off Engineering Skills at Sea British Naval Duo Show Off Engineering Skills at Sea Two British naval vessels, RFA Diligence and HMS Montrose, have proven that heavy duty engineering work can be done at sea, anywhere in the world.HMS Montrose and RFA Diligence joined forces for the finale of a large scale exercise named OMAR 13 (Operational Maintenance and Repair) in which HMS Montrose assumed the role of a casualty ship which suffered major damage in a collision with a merchant vessel.HMS Montrose, a Type 23 frigate, started to limp along as part of the exercise having carried out Damage Control procedures but what she really needed was some external assistance to get her machinery and weapon systems working again.To her rescue came Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Diligence one of the best equipped support ships available to the Royal Navy. Once in range, Diligence transferred to Montrose a team of expert salvage engineers from the MOD’s Salvage and Maritime Operations Team (SALMO).Trained to liaise with the onboard marine engineer specialists to assess the situation, the salvage team swiftly advised what work was needed to repair the stricken ship.Commander James Parkin, Commanding Officer of HMS Montrose then took the decision that Montrose should be moved to more sheltered waters in order to carry out repairs. What followed next was a rare and strange sight at sea: a Royal Navy warship being taken under tow.This complex seamanship task which involved attaching Montrose’s anchor cable to a towline, was expertly and successfully executed in the choppy seas. After the tow, another incredible sight as the 4,800 tonne frigate rafted up alongside the 12,500 tonne RFA in open waters.Once alongside, Diligence began providing Montrose with essential electrical power, fuel, pressurised air needed for operating onboard machinery, high pressure salt water for the fire mains and – vital in the Gulf – chilled air for keeping electronic equipment cool. Lieutenant Commander Trevor Bradley, officer in charge of NP1600, the Royal Navy’s rapid reaction engineering team, said: “Being able to deploy on RFA Diligence allows my team of highly skilled engineers to train in as realistic a scenario as possible.“I am thrilled with the level of interaction and proving of concepts and services that we have achieved today.”Lieutenant Commander Fergus Ochtman-Corfe, Marine Engineer Officer onboard HMS Montrose, said: “In a real life incident of this nature, the continuous onboard training, which builds on that delivered by FOST (Flag Officer Sea Training), means that the initial efforts of the ship’s company would save the ship.“However having a capability like RFA Diligence, coupled with the expertise of NP1600, means that capability can be restored and a quicker return to tasking assured, which is what we are all about.”Once she had – for exercise purposes – been restored to health, Montrose parted company with RFA Diligence to continue her real-life maritime security operations. Commander James Parkin added: “There’s something odd about standing on my bridge, 50 miles from land, and seeing another ship overhang us.“While I hope I never have to call upon the intense damage repair capabilities of the Forward Repair Ship, it’s incredibly reassuring to know she exists and that our highly skilled engineers are able to undertake work of this nature.”HMS Montrose deployed in August as part of the Response Force Task Group’s annual Cougar deployment which visits the Mediterranean and Gulf.[mappress]Press Release, November 11, 2013; Image: Royal Navycenter_img November 11, 2013 Share this articlelast_img read more

Review: Slam Poetry at the Port Mahon 15/10/07

first_imgBy William HarrisHammer and Tongue ‘Protect the Human’ Poetry Slam “We’re running on poetry time”, said the bubbly, pink-clad Sophia Blackwell. That’s when I knew I was at a poetry slam. For the uninitiated, a poetry slam is a competitive display of verbal gymnastics: performers have three minutes (and a thirty second grace period) to slam on any subject, providing it’s their own work. Immediately after, they are judged Olympics-style by a panel of experts with a score out of ten (to one decimal place). As I’ve said, the event was run on “poetry time”, which, roughly translated, means it started forty-five minutes late. I used this time to acquaint myself with the assembled performers and spectators. Since the evening was a charity event for Amnesty International, human rights was on the agenda. “Everyone will be interested by arms export into Burma”, said one of the organisers. And she was right, judging by the numbers who signed the open letters to the British government and Indian High Commission. Human rights was also a hot topic among the evening’s performers. The first guest star spent the majority of his time discussing the pointlessness of discussing celebrity culture, though he did have a word to say on David Hasselhoff and the potential merits of Banksy as Prime Minister! Another fiercely political poem was performed by Dada Meinhof, a situationist council communist, who spent his three minutes explaining the necessary sacrifices of revolution. The evening certainly included a diverse range of topics, including gay rights, Jeremy Clarkson and a naked bike ride (“baring arse, cock and titty through London’s fair city”). Slam poetry is a performance as well as a literary art, and the deliveries varied greatly. Blackwell had a whimsical, conversational tone; Meinhof took the soapbox approach: highly prophetic but not so poetic. The closing performance, given by Steve Larkin, was a monologue in the character of an embittered London tour guide. The sight of tourists, bankers, the London Eye and the Thames upsets him so much that he vows to “raze London to the ground.” The majority of the audience were loyal followers of the poetry slam phenomenon. Although there is no stereotypical slammer, the events attract a younger crowd than might be expected at a conventional poetry reading. This gig was no exception, and the crowd seemed to appreciate the edgy lyrics and rhythmic delivery of most of the poems, with the judges awarding high marks across the board. If you’d like to experience Slam for yourself, there are events approximately once a week now that the season has started. The next is on Friday 26th October at the East Oxford Community Centre. For more information go to read more

Retiree Saves California’s Oldest Newspaper From Shutting Down

first_imgFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Retiree Saves California’s Oldest Newspaper From Shutting DownBY JOHN BLACKSTONE FEBRUARY 17, 2020 San Francisco — In the gold rush town of Downieville, population about 300, the Mountain Messenger has been rolling off the presses for 166 years, making it California’s oldest weekly newspaper. Even Mark Twain once wrote for the Messenger.For the past 30 years, its owner and editor has been Don Russell, a man who was ready to sell, but couldn’t find a buyer until Carl Butz showed up.   “I’m just delighted that I find someone stupid enough to take it over,” Russell said.  Butz, a former computer programmer who retired to Downieville about a decade ago, bought the Mountain Messenger instead of taking a long vacation.  “I thought, ‘God, if I’m going around the world and the paper is gone, I’m going to feel guilty for the rest of my life for not stepping up and, and doing something,’” Butz said.According to CBS Sacramento, the Messenger prints about 2,400 copies a week and Russell hasn’t raised advertising rates for some customers in 30 years. Owning the paper means doing just about everything. But it’s worth it to Butz.“This past year, the bank went away. The gas station has been closed. You know that the town is like dying,” he said.  Now, the Mountain Messenger will live on.  “Local papers can be something to bind together a community,” Butz said.last_img read more

News story: Record number of women on FTSE 100 boards

first_imgUnder new laws, over 1,400 companies have reported their gender pay gaps revealing an overall pay gap of 18.4%. All companies with more than 250 employees must report their gender pay gaps by April 4 (30 March for the public sector).Tackling the gender pay gap is part of the Industrial Strategy Government’s long-term plan to build a Britain fit for the future, with the ambition to help businesses create better, higher-paying jobs and ensure everyone can be successful in the workplace. Bridging the gender pay gap could add £150 billion to the UK economy by 2025 .Notes to Editors:Figures for women on boards of FTSE companies published on 6 February by BoardEx, a business intelligence provider, show: FTSE 100 is at 28.7% up from 27.7% in October FTSE 250 is at 23.4 % up from 22.8% FTSE 350 is at 25.2% up from 24.5% All-male boards down from 10 to 8 The number of women Chairs across the FTSE 350 has gone up from 17 to 20 Record 309 women on FTSE 100 boards, new data reveals A quarter of FTSE 350 board positions now filled by women FTSE 100 firms on track to hit target of a third of board positions being filled by women by 2020 International Women’s Day is about celebrating women’s achievements and I am delighted to see that a record number of our largest companies’ board positions are now filled by women. There has been a lot of progress in recent years with high-flying women breaking down barriers to more than double the number of women on FTSE 100 boards but there is still a lot more to do to ensure that women are not held back in the workplace. New data to mark International Women’s Day reveals more women than ever before are on boards of the UK’s largest companies.These figures show 309 positions – almost 29% – of FTSE100 board positions are held by women, up from 12.5% in 2011. In FTSE 350 companies, the number of women chairs has risen from 17 to 20 while the number of women on boards has increased to 25.2%.If progress matches the same gains made over the last three years then a third of board positions will be filled by women by 2020 – the target set by the Government-backed Hampton-Alexander Review.Business Minister Andrew Griffiths today urged businesses to renew their commitment to tackling gender inequality.Business Minister Andrew Griffiths said: Sir Philip Hampton, chair of the Hampton-Alexander Review said: Today is a day to celebrate the efforts of all women and men who have worked hard to ensure a women’s place is absolutely in the boardroom. British business and the UK economy are all the better for it and we have now created a strong platform on which to build.last_img read more

In pictures: ABST Conference 2012

first_imgThis year’s Alliance for Bakery Students and Trainees (ABST) Conference at the Alton Towers Hotel in Staffordshire included bakery competitions, presentations from those within the industry and a prestigious awards dinner celebrating new talent.last_img

Brand fight back begins

first_imgCosta Coffee has come under fire recently from independent businesses in Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, who have expressed concern over a potential new outlet opening in the area.Independent traders have voiced their views over proposals to open a new Costa outlet on the high street this autumn.Juliet Farnese, co-owner of the Mr Beans café and coffee shop, based on the high street in Burnham-On-Sea, told British Baker: “Without any question the proposed Costa outlet is bound to threaten all of the businesses located here, especially as there are quite a few cafés.“On the whole I like the competition, because it’s healthy and there is more for customers to choose between. But there is a dislike of these big retail giants, Costa being one. Some people love Costa, but with plans to open shops across the country, there’s going to be one on every corner.”Farnese, who co-runs the café outlet, serving hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, cakes and light meals, added that a Costa representative had previously approached her in a bid to take over her business’ premises: “They told us they were going to open anyway, but they asked about my shop. However, we never heard from them again.”Kim Brown, co-owner of Café Aroma, said the new Costa outlet will open opposite her business should the Council approve the firm’s plans. She said: “There are far too many coffee shops and cafés here in Burnham-On-Sea as it is. But we feel like Costa are the big boys, so what can we say to them. It’s good to bring high street names to the town, I agree with that, but as far as Costa goes, there are too many cafés and coffee shops already and it will saturate the market even more.”Serving a similar selection of products to Costa, including coffee, paninis and salads, Brown added that, with the potential new Costa opening, her business’ trading will be affected as a direct result: “Every shop that opens has the potential to take a percentage of your trade. We like to think we have our regulars, and we are nowhere near the price of Costa, despite serving proper fresh coffee. So we like to think people would be loyal to us, especially as we have been here for around 17 years.“We’re hoping the customers that continue to come to us will stick with us, but who knows? We’re going to have to take it as it comes.”Taking actionA series of campaigns have been formed by local traders and residents in recent months throughout the rest of the UK, opposing the Whitbread-owned coffee business’ plans to open new retail outlets. An anti-Costa group called NoToCosta in Totnes, Devon, arranged a march at the start of the month to South Hams Development Management Control Committee’s headquarters, where a meeting took place to decide on the planning application submitted by the coffee company.The group looked to oppose the opening of the coffee shop chain outlet on Fore Street, located in the town centre, with more than 5,700 local residents signing a petition against the move. However, the Council decided to approve Costa’s plans.Since the approved plans, members of the local community met this Tuesday (14 August) at Totnes Methodist Church Hall to discuss further action to prevent the Costa coffee shop from opening.In the town of Southwold in Suffolk, more than 500 objections were lodged earlier this month against plans for the firm to operate a new Costa site on its high street. Waveney District Council is believed to still be in deliberation about the company’s decision to re-submit its application for a “change of use”.A Costa Coffee company spokesperson told British Baker: “Costa Coffee prides itself in using numerous suppliers, large and small, across the UK to produce the products it sells within its stores. For example, we work with a family-run bakery to produce our cakes, with dedicated dairy farmers for our milk and use British meat in our savoury lines. At a time when many businesses are closing, we are one of the success stories of British business, creating jobs right across the UK.”We would like to reassure those that are opposed of forthcoming openings in Totnes, Southwold and Burnham-on-Sea that Costa won’t be a threat to the independent coffee shops that are already there, but will aim to complement the local offering and support the local community.”Costa reached third position in British Baker’s BB75 list of the top 75 high street bakery firms this year, based on the number of outlets, with a store count of 1,352 – 177 additional sites on 2011. The firm said it plans to open 350 net new stores for the full year, as well as 1,000 Costa Express self-serve units in total, which are found at locations such as petrol forecourts, supermarkets and newsagents.last_img read more