Let’s Talk Software-Defined Storage, DPaaS & the Data Protection Continuum

first_imgSecond Machine Age. Internet of Things. Social Network of Machines. Third Platform. Software-Defined Data Center. Buzzwords? Absolutely. But the noise isn’t just hype – it’s the sound of the construction of a new technical world.In this blog series, we discussed how The Second Machine Age will transform consumers’ relationship with technology with the new Social Network of Machines. Now, we are looking at how IT’s value will evolve to become even more focused on trust, especially data protection.There is one technological constant: our insatiable appetite for more – more compute power, more network bandwidth, and more storage capacity. As every person and device generates data that companies and governments yearn to analyze, our current notion of “unthinkably large” will become laughably small. Just as the need for “more” drove the shift from mainframe to client-server, it is driving the move to the Third Platform, where information is always connected and always available.Already, the Third Platform has already changed the IT landscape. A highly interconnected (social) and location-aware (mobile) pool of compute and storage (cloud), the Third Platform enables next-generation applications to address a new scale and type of information (big data). Today, any one company’s IT department lack the resources to build their own Third Platform. Meanwhile, the allure of simple, scalable infrastructure has led Lines of Business (LOBs) to deploy shadow IT. The latest reports assert that as much as 40%+ of IT spending occurs outside the sphere of the CIO. The IT landscape has changed. So, what does this mean for IT professionals?IT teams must position themselves to play a role in the Third Platform or risk irrelevancy. To do this, they need to:Streamline Second Platform offerings by focusing on simplicity, reliability, and scalability. This will help maintain both footprint and organizational credibility.Identify value-added services it can offer by engaging with LOBs on the Third Platform. This ensures relevancy in the new world.The key to both is Trust. Trust by application owners and LOBs that data will be there when they need it and how they need it.Much of the Second Platform’s complexity comes from protection. Business applications require different service levels, ranging from continuous availability to near-instant disaster recovery to multi-hour data restoration to long-term archival services. Unfortunately, the variety of technologies that map to these service levels is overwhelming—e.g., clustering, mirrors (synchronous, asynchronous, and periodic), snapshots, backup software and hardware, and archive. To add to the complexity, organizations can deploy these technologies within the application, hypervisor, storage, or server.Chaos arose because the backup team offered neither the service levels nor the visibility/control that their users wanted, and vendors offered individual solutions for each pain point. The result: an “accidental architecture” of a dozen or more homegrown solutions that overruns capital and operational budgets, creates confusion, and cripples business responsiveness.To simplify the Second Platform, IT’s protection team must deploy Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS):Expose the continuum as a set of service levels, rather than unrelated products.Ensure that users can access their protected data when and where they need it.Deliver the centralized reporting, policy management, and analytics to add value to the protection copies – regardless of how or where they were created.Once teams know their applications are safe, IT can accelerate to better meet business needs with the Second Platform. Furthermore, they will be ready to help their business embrace the Third Platform.Data Protection as a Service is the key for IT to connect to the Third Platform. It rebuilds IT’s credibility with the business on the Second Platform, and it establishes IT’s expertise (i.e., the necessary people and processes) in the area that most concerns users of the Third Platform:How do you make sure that their (big) data remains available and functional in the face of malicious (security attacks) or non-malicious (error, malfunction, natural disaster) threats?How do you make sure that they treat our metadata with the security that we demand? In other words, how do I know that my data and applications are safe, can be recovered, and can only be accessed by authorized owners?With DPaaS, IT can function as a service provider. IT is set up to monitor and manage the safety of applications and data, regardless of where the applications run and the protection tools used. IT has the solutions, the authority, and the skillset to lead LOBs to safe adoption of the Third Platform or whatever platform their information lives on.The Second Machine Age is redefining both our personal relationship with technology and its underlying infrastructure. The Third Platform promises autonomy, simplicity, and freedom… not protection. But it can. The key to meeting a continuum of business service-level objectives with the self-service that application owners crave is to deliver a continuum of data protection services as a service. It’s the realization of a software-defined world.Are you ready to redefine data protection? We are!last_img read more

IDC: Dell EMC #1 in HCI

first_imgView the full infographic hereFor the last several years, we at Dell EMC, like no other vendor, have been extremely passionate about modernizing IT infrastructure using converged and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), so it’s especially gratifying when significant validation comes our way.IDC revealed Dell EMC is, yet again, the undisputed leader of the Converged Systems market in the second quarter of 2017 with a 31.1 percent market share; nearly double that of the next highest competitor. Driving most of that growth has been our HCI platforms.It’s also exciting that Dell EMC has also taken over the top spot in HCI sales, overtaking a respected partner who is also a competitor—Nutanix.More than the competitive nature where we each take pride in our position—the most important thing to the team and I is something simple: customers choosing Dell EMC is something that matters to us personally, and something we take pride in. THANK YOU.We attribute this milestone to the continued strong growth of the entire Dell EMC HCI portfolio. In fact, the unique approach we have taken to HCI with both a VMware focused and vertically integrated HCI approach along with a set horizontal multi-abstraction HCI set of offers is one of the reasons customers have chosen Dell EMC for HCI.That said – the largest single factor in the growth that resulted in taking the #1 position was the success of the Dell EMC VxRail offer, which continues to have astronomical growth rates.    In addition to VxRail’s stratospheric growth, we’ve seen growth rates for VxRack Systems, vSAN Ready Nodes and ScaleIO Ready Nodes that are enormous, and Dell EMC XC which is built in partnership with Nutanix continues to grow at an amazing clip. The HCI market is not a zero-sum game, and we’re still in the first few pitches of the first inning when it comes to simplified infrastructure and the foundations of cloud with HCI.Let’s talk statistics. Dell’s share of the HCI segment increased to 29 percent in the quarter, with year-over-year growth of 149 percent–that’s more than 3x the market growth!Thanks to customers that are now pursuing a systems level approach to IT infrastructure, IDC reports that HCI platform sales grew 48.5 percent year-over-year in the second quarter, accounting for $763.4 million in sales. Collectively, that represents 24.2 percent of the total converged systems market, and HCI is clearly that fastest growing segment of the converged systems market.Now, claiming huge growth rates is one thing when in absolute terms the numbers are small. Think about it for a moment – what the tale of the tape tells you is that Dell EMC is now growing 3x faster than the one of the fastest growing markets in infrastructure and we’re doing it on large numbers that are measured in many tens of millions of dollars per quarter. Something big is going on.Again, THANK YOU.Driving that unprecedented amount of IT infrastructure transition are some irrefutable facts echoed by additional, leading analyst firms – and these are the “why” behind the “what” of the story of HCI:Enterprise Strategy Group finds that 87 percent of organizations that have implemented HCI platform say they are now more agile.Wikibon reports that companies that implemented HCI platforms have reduced their total cost of ownership compared to a legacy storage area network (SAN) by 30 percent. For those organizations that prefer to stay with a rack-based system architecture, Wikibon also found that our VMware VxRack Flex systems cost half as much as a traditional SAN to acquire and provide six-times faster time to value.While public cloud has an increasingly important part to play in the enterprise people are realizing that it’s not fundamentally less costly than HCI. The Evaluator Group estimates that in certain used case it is up to 400 percent more expensive to employ Amazon Web Services (AWS) than it is to acquire and deploy a Dell EMC VxRail appliance. It’s not about public cloud vs. private cloud. Cloud is an operating model, not a place—and HCI is a fundamentally simpler building block that is the foundation in on premises enterprise clouds.Given these types of outcomes, it’s little wonder that IT organizations are moving rapidly to embrace modern HCI platforms. In fact, 451 Research reports that 60 percent of the organizations it tracks have either implemented an HCI platform already or will do so in the next two years. The reason for this is that savvy IT organizations are on what we refer to as MAT journey that consists of three phases.Modernize: HCI and converged infrastructure provide a unique capability to leverage pre-integrated systems that allows internal IT organizations to respond quickly to changing conditions because the IT environment is software-defined. Internal IT organizations can now be as agile as any cloud service provider while minimizing costs.Automate: Once the IT environment is software-defined, IT organizations can automate more functions. This frees up the time needed to focus on innovative IT projects versus continually struggling to keep jerry-rigged systems up and running.Transform: Once IT services become more automated, an IT organization is empowered to transform operational processes. An internal IT team can manage IT at unprecedented levels of scale, and the individuals managing that IT environment gain new insights and skills that can be applied more comprehensively across the IT organization.Dell EMC is committed to helping IT organizations make that transition starting anywhere they like. For example, VxRail Appliances can be deployed starting with a single 3-node cluster and scaled out to span thousands of nodes.Organizations that are committed to rack-based systems can opt for either VxRack SDDC or VxRack FLEX Systems that are much simpler to deploy and manage than existing legacy systems.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUWLo_MmqYg&list=PLD298CBF8D0908E4C&index=1Whatever the path chosen, the issues IT organizations are contending with are basically all the same. Not only are they being asked to do more with less; the business wants IT to drive new application experiences within the context of a digital business transformation. That’s not going to occur if the IT department is spending all of its time trying to just keep the proverbial lights on in the data center.There was a time when weekends were spent replacing tubes in televisions and making trips to the store to replace car parts. Now televisions are solid-state and the systems that make up a car are all automated. We’re at the point where, the IT industry is applying the same concepts to the data center itself.last_img read more

[The Source Podcast] Dell EMC and Microsoft Azure Stack

first_imgDell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform for delivering infrastructure and platform as a service with a consistent Azure experience on-premises and in the public cloud.  Access, Create and share application service securely in Azure and Azure Stack for both traditional and loud native applications.Building on the Dell EMC Press release from Microsoft Ignite, “Dell EMC Expands Commitment to Microsoft Customers with Converged Infrastructure Advancements” I spent some time with Paul Galjan (@PaulGaljan), Sr. Director Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Solutions to get the details about the Microsoft ignite announcement and followed up on the latest post conference news, fully integrated Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Server Platform taking Azure Stack to the next level.Get The Source app in the Apple App Store or Google Play, and Subscribe to the podcast: iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play.Dell EMC The Source Podcast is hosted by Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini)last_img read more

Explaining to My Kid How Dell EMC Storage Helps Jam Filled Bring His Favorite Cartoon to Life

first_imgI love learning about all our customers, but it’s not all that common I hear a customer story that includes something my three-year-old son would also love. So it was exciting to learn that creative animation producer Jam Filled uses Dell EMC Isilon storage to bring some of our favorite cartoons to life.I also learned that one of the unique challenges to doing that is that their business doesn’t run on a fixed schedule. Different shows start and end at different times and there are gaps between seasons. So, the ease with which they can expand and reduce their infrastructure becomes very important.“[Dell EMC Isilon] configuration is very simple and straight forward,” notes John Hickson, director of technology, Jam Filled Entertainment in the video below. “You can have a system up and running in less than a day and have it in production”Q&A With ‘Thomas & Friends’ Super-Fan Parker LudenI showed my son the video, and he actually let me ask him seven full questions about his thoughts. Here’s the quick Q&A with the cartoon expert:Sarah: Why did you like the video?Parker: Because…THOMAS!Sarah: What do you think about technology making your favorite cartoon?Parker: THOMAS! I want to watch it again.Sarah: Who’s your favorite character on Thomas?Parker: Toby.Sarah: Why?Parker: Because, I like James.Sarah: What’s a server?Parker: Yeah! I don’t want to tell.Sarah: Are you going to be an engineer when you grow up?Parker: Yeah!Sarah: Why?Parker: Because I drink a lot of orange juice.OK, my three-year-old may not be ready yet to learn about storage. But if you’re interested in hearing more about how this creative animation studio depends on it to keep up with fluctuating project flows and increasingly larger video formats, take a moment to watch here.last_img read more

Destination Dell EMC is now the Dell Technologies Tour

first_imgIn today’s fast-paced world, we understand that it’s not always easy to take a few days away from the office to attend big industry trade events.  That’s why for the past two years we have had the unique opportunity to visit customers where they are and bring our products on the road with the Destination Dell and Destination Dell EMC tour.  To date, this tour has hosted over 30K visitors in 58 cities across two countries.  The feedback has been amazing; customers love it!This year we expanded into the Dell Technologies Tour.  This will enable us to feature the broader portfolio across the entire Dell Technologies family of businesses.  Through the tour, we are able to bring our products to you and provide deeper conversations with the experts on site.  The tour is equipped with our latest client and infrastructure technology solutions and hands-on demos that help make it real.Hosted by Dell Technologies and Intel, this tour will feature many products to help you in your digital transformation journey.  These include solutions for application and IT transformation, such as Hyper-Converged Solutions featuring VxRail and VMware vSAN ReadyNode and next-generation PowerEdge Servers and All-Flash Data Storage.Also featured are many Workforce Transformation solutions such as the latest-generation Latitude, OptiPlex, Rugged and Precision portfolios with purpose-built ecosystems, peripherals, and our award-winning Dell Displays such as our industry leading 86’ Touch Display.Visitors will learn more about Intel Optane® technology and collaborative conferencing solutions with Intel Unite®.  And finally, we will have some fun with real-world business applications.  The Big Rig features a next gen VR experience, a race car game that brings to life the power of our Dell Precision Workstations, a rooftop lounge* area and often a “best-of” local food truck.If you’d like to learn more about our tour visit the Dell Technologies Tour page.  Or you can follow us on Twitter @DellTech #DellTechTour.We can’t wait to see you on our road trip!*Rooftop lounge is subject to weather and safety parameters.last_img read more

Beverly Hills doctor sentenced in massive medical scam

first_imgSANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A Beverly Hills doctor who authorities say performed unnecessary surgeries on patients in one of the nation’s largest medical insurance fraud schemes has been sentenced. Dr. Mario Rosenberg was sentenced Friday to probation and community service. He’ll also have to pay nearly $3 million in restitution. Prosecutors say he and 18 others took part in an Orange County-based scheme to recruit thousands of healthy people to undergo unnecessary and dangerous operations, which were then billed to insurers. The $154 million scheme ended in 2008 with 19 people being indicted. Rosenberg pleaded no contest in 2014 to felony insurance fraudlast_img read more

France says no AstraZeneca virus vaccine for people over 65

first_imgPARIS (AP) — President Emmanuel Macron says France will only give the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine to people under age 65. The government’s health advisory body on Tuesday cited a lack of sufficient data about the vaccine’s effectiveness in older people. The decision could shake up France’s vaccination strategy because the country has prioritized nursing home residents and people over 75, and also had counted on the AstraZeneca vaccine for a large part of its upcoming vaccinations. Macron said France still aims to offer the vaccine to anyone who wants it by the end of the summer. The French guidance differs from that given by the European Medicines Agency, which authorized AstraZeneca’s vaccine for use in all adults.last_img read more

122-year-old snow record may be broken: Just short of 3 feet

first_imgMOUNT ARLINGTON, N.J. (AP) — This week’s winter storm appears to have broken a 122-year-old record for the most snow in a New Jersey community from one storm. The National Weather Service made a preliminary report Tuesday that Mount Arlington in the northern part of the state got 35.5 inches of snow in the three-day storm. It could take months to confirm the total and the new record. But officials note there’s no reason to doubt the veracity of the total reported by a trained weather observer. If confirmed, it would top the record of 34 inches that fell during a blizzard in Cape May County in 1899.last_img read more