Love Shanghai library chain is there for your optimization

love Shanghai library has been in the optimization of the different voices in the industry. The chain end love Shanghai library for the site optimization has no effect? We know that love Shanghai library content is flash, while the flash has been criticized because of the current optimization, search engines can not well support the flash index, so the chain of love Shanghai library is what role does. But some people think so, love is to show to the Shanghai library flash visitors, but the show is in the form of text for the search engine, so that the chain of love is the role of Library in Shanghai. The author is of the opinion that the chain of love Shanghai library is a chain of no effect. read more

Discussion on how to optimize the site’s core keywords

3, the website home page, as much as possible some target keywords, this is mainly in order to increase the density of keywords. For example, Beida Jade Bird, Beida Jade Bird as the core keywords, so the home page many columns will appear more associated with prize.the columns, like "prize.the prize.the tuition, course, Beida Jade Bird Network Engineer"

core keywords how to optimize the site optimization? Core keyword is our webmaster a priority, in the current optimization keywords before, you must understand what is the core keywords, and how to carry out the core keywords competition analysis. read more