The Sogou really makes us turn iron into steel Sogou search

Compared to the

360 Sogou search and search, is also a veteran of the search engine, much earlier than the 360 started a search, Sogou search, but the search engine is made in the worst experience poor domain, poor search results included speed, bad, when I talk to Sogou search, there is always a earnestly feel. Always look forward to the Sogou search can be developed, but always can not see Sogou breakthrough, waiting, will lose confidence, for the future of search dogs, individuals are not optimistic about the. Sogou input method to do very well, the browser is also very good, why do not the search engine. read more

The use of noble baby analytic monitoring love Shanghai biddingkeywords effect

贵族宝贝 Utm_source=baidu& utm_medium=cpc& utm_term=sem& utm_content=%E6%8E%A8%E5%B9%BF%E8%AE%A1%E5%88%921-%E6%8E%A8%E5%B9%BF%E5%8D%95%E5%85%831& utm_campaign=%E6%8E%A8%E5%B9%BF%E8%AE%A1%E5%88%921

use the URL builder to create a noble baby tool only access URL with markers for each keyword. The URL is only used to track, love Shanghai for keywords effect. (can use this URL to achieve the search term monitoring, with respect to some little trouble.

to continue, adding GA tracking code for the website to complete. read more

Change the optimization ideas make your site flow breakthrough

here is the webmaster optimization is the embodiment of wisdom, I often hear a lot of new owners said that the industry competition is very difficult, the industry has a full load or something. In the opinion of the author.

what is the relationship?

example two: a travel site, a competition in the industry is relatively large. The stationmaster was at first on the website a late start, the team understaffed, cannot compete effectively such as tourism, tourist routes, travel agency "this kind of words. But at the same time, the leadership is still only asked to see the results drop ~ this time our bitter small station is how to do it? Here to praise a God, the idea is really our webmaster through the program far beyond reach, generate a huge amount of "city to city A B, city A to ticket prices city B air route, A city to city B flight" page, and then through the arrangement of these pages the local variety of beautiful landscape to obtain a large number of orders and flow. White here may have doubts, inside a relationship with example, adoption of infertility is very obvious, this example with the tourist ticket read more

How about right down new ranking rebirth

down the right site to find out the reason of website drop right


The selection and distribution of

2. keywords

no matter what happens, will have its antecedents and consequences down the right site as well. If the website had not done what, ranking is out of the It is without rhyme or reason., can only say is love Shanghai database update, which ranked not see some data loss. Find out why website right down is not easy, there are a lot of experience in the Shanghai dragon Er is not can be the direct cause of right down in a short period of time, through continued speculation and testing in order to obtain a relatively close reason. Want to find the right down the cause as soon as possible, we need to make any of the usual site operation to record, as in the down right after we go looking for clues. And right down my website after the investigation this time is that the optimization technique is excessive, including keywords Fletcher, low update frequency, outbound links too much, the website brush flow more deadly. read more

O2O is the fire to jump into the circle

nearly a year ago, when the concept of O2O was put forward, many people have voted to love the eyes. In the development of mobile Internet, at the beginning, when this seemingly unrealistic idea was discovered, people with good prospects for the future of the mobile Internet, have to the future commercial commanding sway heavily. Then, the result is not as gorgeous and colorful people think.

Vice President Ali Qiu Changheng wireless division in this evaluation is: (O2O) in my opinion it is more like a fire last year, many companies, like some group purchase industry companies have jumped, so far I have not seen climbing out of the. Qiu Zong’s sentence summary, very vivid description of the development of recent years in this industry, but for the O2O in this field, this is not the most spectacular phenomenon. read more

Love Shanghai share the real significance of the Shanghai Dragon

since Shanghai share love turned out, immediately by all the stationmaster on the altar, for a time many owners like to herd their website and love Shanghai share the code, and even have begun looking for ways to share the number of brush, because in many webmaster will share that love Shanghai give your website to bring good rankings love Shanghai. To add your website code to share love Shanghai has become among the most effective means of the Shanghai dragon.

Figure 1

2. by adding love Shanghai share code, can read more

Also said that the search engine punishment cheating points system

search for cheating judgment should be very easy, because white hat and black hat is not so clear to the difference, or that cheating is diversified, now no one should use the same method of cheating! Search engine on the rationality of cheating judgment should be based on the integral the system is based on cheating, did not find a cheating, give the site plus a cheat points, when the score reaches a certain value when cheating is to give different degrees of punishment. Or, this integral to or beyond the site itself will have a significant weight score ranking performance. read more

Four kinds of survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection to be eliminated


this is the nature of the survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in natural selection, an everlasting rule. In the webmaster industry circle the same rules apply. At the end of 2012 this year, we will see the webmaster circle is a turbulent year, love Shanghai this year several big update, 360 search turned out etc.. So many owners struggling to cope with the many webmaster in this kind of situation has been eliminated, so that some of the remnants of the owners generally have what similarities? The author will briefly share four easily eliminated several webmaster type. The author does not want to talk, just want to give if there are following a friend a little warning. read more

Android version of Google search upgrade application list

currently has two applications list, the display will depend on whether you have downloaded the corresponding application:

NetEase Francisco December 5th message, according to foreign media reports, Google today announced the Android version of Google search for a major upgrade, will make it easier to find the user wants to find something, even if the content is not on the internet. Simply said, the company added a list of applications, means that users can now get search results according to the application of the equipment and the noble baby Paly information. read more

How fast out of love Shanghai period so that the new station to obtain the ideal ranking

now in the era of the Internet, almost every day there are countless new birth, also means that the new station of new hope, but the new station should be the ideal ranking is not easy, not only included the weight and other favorable factors, but also must have a difficult time – love Shanghai period.

integrated the above two cases, the author thinks that the webmaster should according to their own situation to choose, if you ask the user cannot provide excellent web site experience in a short period of time, then do not install on the love of Shanghai, until the website content rich, the chain number is sufficient to install. read more