My movie station was Baidu’s experience

has looked at other people’s website a little bit of development, looking at the small station a little bit of big, envy of the heart are itching, but helpless is not their own technology. Later, in the introduction and help of friends, as long as there is enthusiasm, no technology can succeed. So I have my own station, although the operation is simple, not too much technical content, I am still very confident of him.

08 years in early May, my little station has its own face, out of sight. The beginning is not smooth, the daily IP are poor in the single digits, so at the suggestion of a friend, a little a bit optimization, optimization to IP the same day to break the 300, at that time very excited. But second days and good times don’t last long, flow down, although the breakthrough single digits, but I still feel strange. They have been optimized in accordance with the old method, but did not expect that this time the effect is not very good. So they only groping forward, in various portals and webmaster BBS began the difficult promotion, because friends said to be included in the search engine will be good to do some. read more

Network Summary a payment is an accumulation

is actually a year ago, I was in the webmaster nets published four articles, "sumcl tea seized the electronic commerce of the" long tail ".", "Shang Ke, create another spring" electronic commerce, "tea and other traditional brands to develop online channels", "new 15 days Google sandbox escape".

was published only one intention: I hope each big website, improve website sumcl tea, keywords in the search engine weight. But now, now under the influence of tea, become more calm, although there are a lot of calls for Taobao big sellers out to establish their own marketing website, but I am still in the Taobao mall opened shop – sumcl tea official flagship store, because people only used Taobao shopping process, because the user of Taobao culture the shopping habits of 5 years, in addition, Taobao has been in innovation, only one purpose: is to import more traffic to Taobao, these two are not you I can have, therefore can not be ignored in this part of the customer base. read more

No longer rely on advertising to support my life please think about your future

explain, my mistress culture, so could not write a Book of things, but also hope that the understanding of mere trash.

03 years I began to contact the site, 04 years using online advertising to start making money, perhaps I was too stupid, so money is always just to live a good day, when it comes to money is really a bit sad!

for 07 years and I began to be changed, looking for a better way, perhaps to find a better job, or your own small business, really maybe than live like Tashi station.

but as I said, I am stupid can not find a good job is not to do business, but one day one of my friends introduced me to a single business, to a company to do a website, that is required is very simple, my heart has no bottom, read more

Zhang Shengrong Secrets of independent blog common problems

in recent days, there have been some new problems and ask very dish, don’t reply, because before Zhang Shengrong is passed from the new, naturally will not forget to help others, help others at the same time, but also help yourself, just take some time and master, can jump over, the following is a summary of the following Zhang Shengrong independent common problem:


Q: how to choose domain name, go to register domain name registration,


A:, it’s better to have your own real name, brand for the past, it’s a long-term plan. If your name is registered or his surname is not good, can be referred to it, and then in front of or behind the insertion of a key, such as: SEOZSR. don’t like Zhang Shengrong now for too long, do not have what meaning, it is difficult for users to write down. Then go to the station to register the registration, such as: network interconnection, 35 new network, renamed, security. To the small station is not safe, I do not know the day ran did not know, all the time on the trouble. read more

Three types of unconventional chain construction


chain has been a very important issue for SEO workers, and was considered to be the most important optimization work for SEO in the early days. Now, the role of the chain has been weakened part, so many webmaster think the chain useless. This statement is actually problematic. Niche not, and share your views.

the role of the chain beyond doubt. Recently, often heard netizens said the chain has been useless, here niche to say, the chain will certainly exist for a long time, and even more important than ever before. Because even if all search engines are hitting the chain, but we still can not ignore the fact that search spiders are crawling through links to find new pages. As long as the technical mechanism is not completely changed, the role of the chain will not disappear, it will only become more and more big. read more

Are we doing the station or making money from the station

a year ago, from the beginning of their own interests, to hope to be able to grow, to transition into a dumpster, hunhun do stand one year after the meal, I confused, do stop, we really figure what


wanted to do a local portal station, can dominate the party at the local, thoughtful and find yourself without the energy, nor the financial resources to support, also hope to be a software exchange station, but found himself without the skill and ability, the movie station is my first web site, is now my only the web site. Perhaps it is interest, I hope to have more friends to my website to see movies, can provide a platform for friends to see the movies they want to see. read more

nner Mongolia T laboratory lead nner Mongolia nternet website development

looks thin, wearing glasses, always pondering, he is Inner Mongolia IT lab founder of "closed door practice, they from the initial interest to practitioners now dig the characteristics of the industry, Inner Mongolia local industry active element activation. It is said that the 05 years when they began to explore the application of Internet and gradually set up a virtual team of nearly 30 people, although for part-time online without any paid work team, members of the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm is very high, made so many well-known industry personnel have praised the achievements, has more than three years in the past, the team is still strong, so many webmaster curious and admire. read more

Baidu snapshot does not show Title Description how to solve

today, a friend of mine asked me a question about a medical website in which he was in charge. There was no title and description in Baidu’s web page, and there was only one URL left. I asked in detail about the specific circumstances of the site, the site has seven years of history, included over yuan, the recent revision, Baidu drop right, Baidu included the decrease, this two days to amend the three big label website home page, Baidu snapshot update yesterday, so what’s the problem? read more

Dedicated to the pursuit of personal webmaster

China’s Internet has developed rapidly, according to statistics, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 253 million. China has become the most populous country in the world. The rapid development of the Internet has led to the development of related industries, personal websites have sprung up like mushrooms, and personal Adsense has become an important driving force for the development of the internet.

The number of

personal websites is tens of thousands, and personal Adsense is not the same. Some personal Adsense is out of interest, and some personal Adsense is to earn some money, and some personal Adsense is want to use the network to realize the dream of this platform. No matter for what purpose, individual stationmaster hopes his individual website has flow, the netizen likes. It can be said that a large number of people build websites for profit and see others make money on the website. I want to get a website too. I think I can make money after I have built a website. But do not see, the site on the Internet so much, most of them have made money? Money must have, but that is a small part of the personal website. We may say, hao123 wide, stationmaster net, Chinese station and so on, indeed these personal websites have achieved great success, but these website owners paid a number of efforts may be later did not know, another point is that we now compared to the previous Internet has changed a lot. Things are often unsatisfactory, many personal websites quietly blooming on the Internet, and then disappeared silently. read more