How to promote the jewelry store you can do

in the city near the University opened a jewelry chain, the flow is also a lot of people, but why adorn article chain business is not so good? May be propaganda is not in place. Manage to open a small adorn article chain store also want to pay attention to publicity, so, adorn article chain propaganda method?

The propaganda method

posters in chain stores, direct franchise store jewelry show in front of people, this is one of the most direct way of publicity. How to promote the jewelry store? This method is very common, and the cost is also very low, open chain stores to take this approach. read more

Bra top ten brands list

in a variety of women’s clothing, although the size of the bra is not large, but it has a significant role, has always been a lack of clothing. In a word, as a female bra most close fitting clothing, its quality can not be ignored, modern women also very exquisite bra brands, diversified and personalized become the slogan of the modern bra, bring greater consumption potential for women’s underwear market in china. What brand of bra is better? Do not know if the following along with the small series to recognize the top ten bra brands list. read more

Young should break through

a lot of people into the civil service exam in the flow, is to figure out a safe. But I want to say that the hero of the story, it is to give up the comfortable life, embarked on a turbulent entrepreneurial road.

03 years after graduating from University, he worked at a cosmetics trading company in Jiaxing, the main entrance to do foreign cosmetics, and also do some channels, as close to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wenzhou’s spending power is also quite considerable, so the company has done a good job, after in the company for 5 years. Because of the cosmetics market in recent years, more and more spending power, 5 years, a small company gradually developed to a certain size, and he is from a salesperson has done a business department leader, that year almost have 15W. read more

Toy shop decoration do not make any mistakes

many shopkeepers in the shop when the decoration is always easy to make a variety of errors, resulting in the operation of the entire store has a very big impact on the profit earned is very bad. So, the toy shop decoration do not make any mistakes?

1, blindly buy large size of the trend of the store appliance

toy store in the purchase of goods and appliances should be coordinated with the size of the indoor space, must not let the large size of the store to see the flow of people into the space. read more

Milk tea on the election of 567 Mu milk tea

China’s rapid economic development, people’s living standards generally improve. But it is followed by a high-pressure state of life, decompression naturally become crazy pursuit of things. Afternoon tea is one of the ways to work decompression, afternoon tea time, a cup of milk tea, a dessert to make their next work more energetic. Milk tea has become a natural necessity of daily consumer goods. Join milk tea shop, the project is better?

567 Mu milk tea is the current boom of the project. Now life, a simple cup of milk tea, full of sweet taste of a cake, basically modern young people every day afternoon tea. The 567 mousse milk tea with its high quality, perfect taste and deep love for the majority of consumers. read more

The coffee shop is far more complex than you think


mobile Internet era, many industries have changed, the catering industry has undergone a subtle change, so the principle of location of restaurant is also changed, especially coffee stores, food and beverage industry as a special industry, under the impact of the mobile Internet, on the site, showing more new possible.

The development of

The accumulation of read more

nvestment early education center to have what conditions

early market fiery, but the industry has certain requirements for investors, not every investor is suitable to do this piece of early education. Investment center operators to have what quality? Today we take a look at.

center investors as a manager should not only listen and listen to. One is the center of investors to listen to the opinions of specific management, practice is consistent with students’ interests, the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, appeared as a leader or check the identity of the person, not a specifically looking for teaching staff error mentality, also cannot with a kind of thinking First impressions are strongest to listen, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. Two is the center of early education investors to attend lectures, lectures into product class. In the lectures in improving their ability to "know", only in this way can we improve the management decision-making ability. read more

How to prevent employees from taking secret

training an employee is not easy, but now the market economy, even if the cost of psychological training, many employees continue to quit, not only let the store hand tight, more importantly, once the employee quit, it may take away the secret. So, how to prevent employees from taking the secret?

employees in this position, it is recommended that entrepreneurs in the course of the operation, we must protect their own business secrets, including industry technology, service customers, upstream suppliers, profit. read more