Chongqing colleges and universities need to set up a business class requires students to complete cr


business has become a fashionable and popular trend, especially in some colleges and universities, not only opened a number of business related courses at the same time, students need to seriously to learn this course.

10, the Chongqing municipal government issued "on deepening the innovation and entrepreneurship education reform notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). The circular pointed out that this year the city will start a comprehensive innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Colleges and universities, the layout of 100 colleges and universities create space. Students access to innovation and entrepreneurship awards, participate in the creation of public space, independent business can be converted to credits, and the establishment of credit accumulation system. read more

Clothing brand franchise stores to minimize your risk

      with more clothing brands are now to the clothing store franchise has brought a new development mode, there is a good chance for entrepreneurs about national brand apparel, national brand clothing to join let investors see what is the real entrepreneurs brand clothing, you feel the national brand the charm of fashion will not come into the national independent brand clothing? Join the road of wealth, investors should choose to join the national brand clothing! Let the risk to the lowest, the most reassuring investors to make money, make money the most secure read more

Do retail business also need to have confidence

‘s business is not good to do, the retail business is a shop followed by a collapse, many shopkeepers began to lose confidence, worried about their work all day to do a good job. In fact, in the retail business, we will encounter many difficulties and setbacks in the development of the supermarket, in the face of these, we need to make their own confidence, rather than timid. On the retail Road, everyone will encounter difficulties, difficulties are not terrible, terrible is that he was scared. read more

Creative home stores now have no market

home industry has been stable development, many investors into the traditional home market began to transition. Now want to stand in the home brand standing firm heel must have their own characteristics, open a creative home stores have a market? Can you make money? The answer is yes: home to join the market, can make money! Creative home stores is the best way to get through the wealth of the road, for small entrepreneurs who brought the gospel. Let’s take a look at the following!

read more

Appliance recycling market contains huge business opportunities

walking in the streets can be seen back home appliance recycling, this is very common in the industry, there are one billion business opportunities, we quickly look at it. According to informed sources, originally scheduled for the beginning of this year issued the "waste electrical and electronic products processing fund management measures" after the delay for half a year, is expected to introduce the recent, home appliances manufacturing enterprises will become the people to pay the disposal of waste electrical and electronic products fund. The industry is expected, in accordance with the current estimates of the amount of scrap 50 million units per year, home appliance recycling market size will reach nearly $one billion. Although the current policy is not clear, but some of the household electrical appliance enterprises have begun to set up a dedicated recycling enterprises to seize market opportunities. As early as 2001, the NDRC on China’s waste electrical and electronic products recycling legislation. In February 2009, the State Council issued the "waste electrical and electronic products recycling management regulations", China’s waste electrical and electronic products recycling as a programmatic document. read more

Do clothing shop agent achievements of the new generation of nternet Era

now this time is called the "Internet plus" era, traditional and emerging industries can find the new way of development in the field of internet. Clothing business is inseparable from the network. So how to become a clothing shop agent should make money?

first secrecy, (considering the novice) the shop agent is that you do not have their own inventory, directly to the others on the shop to sell products, when you shop selling a product, you again to the merchant orders, and tell your customer address, on behalf of the shipping business, the price and the price difference of your agent is your profit. This is called a white. read more

Elite returnees sell yellow cake family craft

is very popular on the Ba Zhen Yao a sell yellow cake shop, the owner surnamed Deng, this little business for many years, although that is the snack, but the business is good, earn more than city white-collar workers. Illiterate "Deng yellow cake" finally the son of Deng Deng read for master degree, is also very disappointing to go abroad to work. However, Deng Rujin gave up a well paid job to go back to his hometown to sell yellow cake, why is this?

site: Elite returnees bag yellow cake with an air of importance read more

3 tips to avoid business failure

novice entrepreneurs are always easy to get into trouble, they lack experience, do not know how to avoid those problems will make the business failure. Well known entrepreneur Rob  Hayes on this point made three entrepreneurial experience to help novice entrepreneurs less detours.

Rob  Hayes    First  Round  partner, primarily responsible for investing in early entrepreneurial projects. After more than ten years of investment projects and entrepreneurial experience, he has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship. He who first venture entrepreneurs share the experience of three related to entrepreneurship in this article: the devotion of recruitment, actively financing, ensure that the company has enough cash flow to ensure that the company has a long-term goal. Star Group ( of the A: read more

To ensure the safety of Yanji on the tongue to increase the whole monitoring Condiments

in the life most of the time we are spending money to buy health food, especially in the fields of food seasoning, a lot of shoddy counterfeit products! In order to strengthen the supervision of Yanji City condiment market, the Yanji market and quality supervision and management departments in the days before the citywide condiment market special inspection of law enforcement, to ensure the safety of consumer condiment market during the spring festival. After examination and testing, not found substandard condiments. read more