On the personal website to promote what we should do

because of the Internet related technology development and establishment of various open source software and tools open, as long as the master makes a lot of basic Internet use skills of the people can build an independent site to release information, it can be said now the construction of a website is more and more low threshold. Only some sizeable enterprises spend a lot of money to find a company specializing in the development of large enterprises to do their own site before, and now a single person can complete the process of building the independent, but the cost is very low. So it led to the number of active Chinese statistics can reach nearly 3 million sites, of course, which is more than 99% of the founders of the site are grassroots.


site of the grassroots motives is not to interest is to make money, either to interest or site to make money and a station, everyone hopes the site can be more and more people know and visit, and let more people know our own website promotion is we often say. Like a product, we have produced a product we have to promote it out, let people know that you have this thing.

many personal webmaster in their website operation basically everything they do, at least initially like this; such as you need to maintain stable operation of your web application, you need to do special activities and pictures, you need to publish content and so on. When it comes to promotion, may be a lot of incompetent predecessors would say to update their website content, and then go to the platform outside the chain; so many novice started in various forums, blog free send him website advertising, but the content is thousand times, the form is also a reference that way when people send the. Every day for the chain continued for a month, I feel very tired, but check the chain that really adds a lot; but could not happy long, but found himself site traffic and not as their God said that these methods improve the quality, and after a period of time. When the check of the chain even found "appearances" these numbers are down.

many personal webmaster is really hard, even very hard with the basic routines above after no effect, they still continue to struggle, but I don’t know myself to analyze the reasons, every word seems very superstitious predecessors said. As a master of SEO years ago in his book that the mainstream search engines, description tags and Keywords tag page content has no effect on search engines, and after many years in the past many people find description and Keywords tag content or have a certain effect; but in online discussions with others, those the so-called God will give said: "it is no use certain master book, so you certainly are not analyzed through", so we all think is his illusion, who never wanted to question people more so.

so when we do the promotion of personal website what we should do, I will share with you today my own point of view, to share with you, certainly not very

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