The Ministry of public security cracked 1 billion 400 million yuan major MLM MLM scam with electrici

reporter recently learned from the Ministry of public security, which lasted more than a year of painstaking investigation, "Fei Vatican international" serious case of network marketing announced a cracked, involving the country’s 17 provinces, more than 15 members, worth over 1 billion 400 million yuan of large network marketing organization was successfully destroyed.

amazing numbers can not help but wonder, such a huge MLM scam is how to spread out the public security organs? Reporters follow the interview of the MLM scam to unravel the network mask".

illegal organization secret exists 8 years

Tai’an City, Shandong province

Taishan District Baolong Commercial Plaza, two floor, a company called "good exquisite life" and "experience" the door seal is affixed. The health care products, toiletries, underwear and other products labeled "love, a superb collection of beautiful things, friends, career, health, family, taste and beauty" and other slogans. A "Feibei international electronic commerce was found in the store reporter (Beijing) limited authorization certificate". According to police, since the beginning of 2011, the public security authorities received a report from the masses, said an electronic commerce website "Fei Vatican international" have MLM suspected the creation of many so-called "experience" engaged in illegal activities.

through the network inspection and investigation, the public security organs, "Feibei international" and "Fei Vatican international" and other e-commerce sites are a Moumou Hongkong open, in the electronic commerce, 3G shop called as a gimmick, through training, development of offline network marketing.

situation report to the Ministry of public security. Coincidentally, the other provinces in the public security, industry and commerce departments also received a large number of similar reports. Due to a major case, involving victims of the masses, great influence, the Ministry of public security as the focus of supervision cases. In May 19, 2012 the Ministry of public security under the unified command and coordination, Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shandong, Tai’an and other public security organs at the same time, the main suspects arrested.

at this time, this is dressed in e-commerce coat of the illegal organization of network marketing has been secret for 8 years. Police initially identified since 2005, Moumou by "Fei Vatican International Limited" apply for the establishment of the so-called "free shop" under the guise of "gold and silver card members, integral to the temptation, lured the entrants directly or indirectly to obtain illegal income development off the facts of the crime. As the net, the country has more than 150 thousand people to become its members, involving more than 1 billion 400 million yuan.

suspects claiming to be Dr. California

scam has been set up 8 years ago, why has not been found?

reporter in Tai’an detention center to see the suspect moumou. Over the age of fifty he looks younger, and a successful appearance of the ornamental and the combined plain properties. After investigation, Moumou since the last century began in 90s to participate in the sales organization, from 2005 began to set up a "Fei Vatican international" e-commerce company, to build the network platform for the implementation of marketing activities.

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