Powerful electronic lottery alliance to promote the promotion of a lot of money or promotion

      lottery is a big industry, how to make money?

      electronic lottery is a new alliance, how to promote it?

      the promotion of human resources recruitment first: if you have one of the following conditions, welcome to communicate with us

      1, webmaster friends resources

      2, conditional webmaster often go BBS signature propaganda

      3, Adsense information station blog text propaganda

      4, soft Wen promotion

      how to gain benefits:

      you can develop 10% of the revenue of the owners, you can mention half a year. Specific look at http://s.union.verycp.com

      stationmaster income:

      (3), the cumulative gain of

      the user you bring a service card can be extracted 50 yuan;
      you bring the user activated after you extract $20;

      you bring the user to buy lottery tickets through Verycp.com 2%—5% to calculate your commission

      (two), consumer income protection for 2 years

      as long as you are a member of your website, he buys lottery tickets at the site, you can extract the proceeds in 2 years.

      (three), the 100 billion market

      the lottery market is really big, is now 100 billion, a few years later, is the hundreds of billions of dollars.

      moreover, the online lottery market will grow much faster than the traditional lottery market. In Europe, for example, online sales account for 67% of total lottery sales.

      similarly, the Taobao union promotion starts when no one calls

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