Say the nternet thinking nternet marketing on the three criteria determine authenticity

Internet thinking has been rotten street, the supremacy of users and fans are not Internet marketing thinking! The real Internet thinking, to meet at least three characteristics: marginal cost is relatively low; the "bait" business model; the relative standard procedure of minimalist self-service information experience


honestly I really do not want to write Internet thinking these five words, because the term has been excessive consumption for the industry is not new. However, due to an exchange of friends during the holidays, small partners to discuss this, some ideas or for their own record down. Friends said a few of its definition of the concept of Internet thinking to understand, these basic understanding of some of the TMT media. Similarly, I had earlier in the relevant industry media also saw some similar articles.

ashamed to say, the article read a lot, which also said quite a lot, but the exact definition of what the specific Internet thinking, so far did not see clearly.

actually see not understand for me of little significance, just recently pondering a project involving Internet banking, because I have their own understanding of the Internet thinking, as far as I am concerned, a business plan, whether they have Internet thinking, the definition is:

a, relatively low marginal cost

two, long line fishing big fish

three, the relative standard procedure of minimalist self-service information experience

I think, do not dare to say that all the people engaged in the Internet, but at least the majority of the Internet industry involved in the project idea or product design work, in fact, have Internet thinking. It may not be that many people will define their own potential thinking clear definition, or the Internet thinking also has its own notes.

but I want to say is that most of the current understanding of the market is not the Internet thinking.

first, Internet marketing is not equal to the Internet thinking".

I think the Internet thinking is in Internet marketing above, various means of Internet marketing is just a kind of tactics, and belongs to the Internet thinking strategy is directly rooted in the project earlier business model can not be separated. Social marketing belongs to the branch, any industry can be used as a tactical is just icing on the cake, don’t affect the fundamental business model. The real idea of thinking of the Internet business model, once the idea of stripping the Internet, the overall collapse of the model.

if for example, so the balance of treasure and traditional fund products official self electricity supplier channels is the most vivid example.

second, does not belong to the Internet features into the extension characteristic behaviors of students, do not belong to the Internet thinking, for example, now called acme, the user is supreme, the concept of fans.

a long time ago, when communicating with a company, I have said that the subsequent hardware products millet

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