Video industry earthquake again CCTV network and storm brewing merger

CCTV to national team identity into the network video industry, the pace of expansion does not seem to stop.

9, the reporter was informed that the CCTV network will merge storm video. It is understood that plan internal sources, negotiations after the storm, and about a year’s time, has not agree with the identity and content providers to expand the content of storm of cooperation, but to direct docking operations, income etc..


said that in the near future pushed the formation of the national television network background, the two companies have reached an agreement, will be merged in the near future, but the specific details are unclear.

reporter immediately to the two companies to verify, in charge of propaganda work of Liu Jinde told reporters that the national network TV station recently have major news to be released, but not yet. Wang Gang, vice president of storm confirmed the storm and CCTV network has been seeking cooperation, but the progress is not willing to disclose.

despite the storm and the marriage of the capital at the level of what is still unknown, but storm video online video business has been a number of intriguing changes.

reporter yesterday found the storm in the box TV channel plate, CCTV news, interviews and other columns appear in the most prominent position, and Lecture Room, Yong Le ace program will also appear in the. The content of news, entertainment, sports Goods are available in all varieties. from to variety, is almost entirely pirated video content. From the point of view of the CCTV content has been implanted in the storm, the next look at both sides announced when the capital level changes.

recently, the network video industry restructuring events frequently, this month 4 days, Xinhua sports NASDAQ listed companies announced the acquisition of new online, with new China maximum flow of new broadband vertical portal sports. November 27th, Shanda’s friends of China announced in the 21st century with the Chinese video sharing website Cool 6 network reached a merger agreement. The industry generally believe that less than 10 days in the case of mergers and acquisitions in China to prove the field of video shuffle has kicked off, while the storm and CCTV network in the capital level of cooperation will become the merger of the third cases of the case of the two.

said that if the new broadband acquisition to listing, mergers and acquisitions grand Cool 6 network is aimed at creating a huge entertainment empire, then the storm and rumors behind, probably is the national network TV station known as the national team in the field of video. Storm has been claimed to be a "network TV", "national network TV", the two combined once the final impact in the end how much, it is difficult to measure.

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