China’s nternet to create a government public dedicated Chinese domain name

October 8th, reporter learned from the central organization committee was informed that, in our country the existing Chinese domain basis, adding "the chief", "public" and "Chinese top-level domain. The.Cn and.Cn public." two level category domain, and set up special administrative and public institutions, as the domain name registration management center domain name registration authority is responsible for operation and maintenance and management of the registration.

government Chinese domain name is applicable to the Chinese government departments and other agencies to undertake administrative functions. The establishment of a dedicated Chinese domain to facilitate public access to related sites accurately and effectively prevent, government departments and public institutions of the domain name is fake, and standardize the government departments and public institutions online name, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

meeting site opened "the Central People’s government. Government", "public Chinese Red Cross." China’s first "government" and "public domain" Chinese, and published the national domain name registration service quality supervision telephone 010-52035203.


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