2010 Chinese network group purchase summit was held today in West Lake mountain

sponsored by China E-Commerce Research Center Co sponsored by www.goutuan.net navigation network group purchase the first domestic group purchase industry summit – "2010 Chinese network group purchase industry seminar cum Chinese integrity network group purchase union ceremony", will be held today in the "Chinese electronic business affairs" was held. When the domestic group purchase website, e-commerce elite experts and highly concerned about the VC/PE of nearly two hundred people will gather in Hangzhou West Lake mountain, to discuss the prospects of the development of the domestic group purchase industry.

is committed to creating the first brand navigation website to buy navigation network in China (www.goutuan.net) to participate in the meeting with the identity of the CO organizer. It is reported that the group purchase navigation network. China platform has a collection of thousands of group purchase website, can be said to include almost all of the domestic group purchase website, including many foreign group purchase website, still have new group purchase website just started adding thousands of war like a raging fire.

buy navigation network of the Chinese domain name is buy navigation network in China, buy navigation network.Com buy navigation.Com, buy navigation network has the first brand to buy navigation website category. Group purchase navigation network by group purchase website Groupon originator Andrew Mason of the Northwestern University alumni Wang Qiheng founded. Buy navigation network began to charge in China, the current profitability is good, buy navigation network to help a lot of small groups to buy the rise of the network and help consumers rights. Buy navigation network will be done in the field of innovation and expansion of C2B, a new era of navigation business!

, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center will also join hands with hundreds of domestic group purchase leading business representatives, collective initiated the establishment of China’s network group purchase industry’s first private credit organization – "Chinese integrity network group purchase alliance", and released "2010 integrity network group purchase enterprises joint declaration". Today, Wang Qiheng will be on the Chinese network to buy the industry high-level seminar on hand to start the Chinese integrity network group buying alliance". In addition, it is expected that China’s first group buying Industry Report – 2010 China Network Group survey report, will also be disclosed for the first time at the meeting.

according to the statistics, the current domestic well-known websites and navigation network group purchase group purchase website will participate in the West Lake mountain, in addition to group purchase network navigation navigation websites, as representatives of the famous group purchase websites such as lashou.com, beauty group, F group, Groupon, 24 coupons, Wo Wo Group, love to help network, Tencent "QQ" group, cool group, hold fast network, taobao.com, Juhuasuan, Alipay, intime, dianping.com, Kelan diamond, China Mobile, net, Comsenz Fantong, net Ya network, NetEase, China International Electronic Commerce Center, group purchase related industry leader executives will attend. (see Conference Official Website: b2b.toocle.com/zt/tg/)

the meeting also attracted a number of well-known investment institutions involved, including Cerberus investment, "

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