Stationmaster net broadcast Ctrip attack data loss mystery Wanda Japanese porn purchase company

1 hang up the net, the database is physically deleted, cannot use normally?  

May 28th news, this morning, Ctrip and its client failure, many users can not open the page Ctrip reaction. After testing, through the promotion of Baidu click into Ctrip, the page shows 404.

Ctrip official responded that part of the server was unknown attack, is an emergency recovery:

2 the most expensive WeChat plagiarism case filing – claims amount of up to 200 thousand of the respondents have not yet responded to  

according to Shanghai’s new media list to provide information to reporters, under the authorization of the well-known WeChat public number Ayawawa, its three public prosecution of plagiarism has been accepted by the court of Shenzhen, Nanshan District. Due to the amount of the claim amounted to 200 thousand yuan, but also has become so far the most expensive WeChat plagiarism rights cases.

according to reports, WeChat public Ayawawa fans several one hundred thousand people behind the operator is called "baby sister" Yang Bingyang. Talking about the prosecution, Yang Bingyang bluntly, they broke a lot of my article, the ‘baby sister’ replaced by ‘sister Lili’. So that the reader asked me, why is sometimes called sister, sometimes called Lili sister, in the end who copied who?

3.500 simplified Chinese checked 425 pornographic web servers in the United States  

yesterday morning, the Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps held a press conference on the network law enforcement team leader Shen Rui introduced, according to the survey of 500 simplified Chinese porn sites, servers in the United States set 425. According to the settings in the foreign websites in China had no jurisdiction over the problem, the next step will strengthen international cooperation, let multinational network enterprises to take the social responsibility of pornography. At the same time, our country will use the shielding website search results, prohibit advertising and other methods to limit its development in china.

according to reports, the 500 master of the pornographic website, server settings in the United States 425, 22 in Japan, South Korea 5, Singapore 5, Britain, India, Hungary, Holland, Spain, Czech and Canada 10, Chinese, 10, Hongkong 13, Taiwan 1 9, the server address is unknown, based in the mainland’s website is also a frequent replacement.

4 Alipay yesterday is now a large area of paralysis that does not affect the safety of users of funds  

"network busy, please try again later." Yesterday about 5:30 in the afternoon, Alipay is now a large area of paralysis. A large number of users reflect, Alipay network failure, unable to login, transfer and payment, the balance of treasure balance cannot be displayed. Alipay responded that this is due to a Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou city was Waduan caused by fiber. As of press time reporter, Alipay has returned to normal service. < >

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