Miss LaSalle bank investment Q housing network at a crossroads

known as the "bet" on the net worth billions of dollars to do Q housing network Liang Wenhua, perhaps time to seriously reflect on the expansion strategy.

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Chinese agency leading the LaSalle bank acquired Shenzhen Q housing network transactions eventually ended in failure.

January 4th afternoon, Shenzhen SEIREN real estate consultants Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the LaSalle bank) announced that the company has signed an agreement in December 31, 2015, had to abandon the acquisition of 420 million yuan in Shenzhen city housing network can cloud Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Q housing network plan).

said the reason for failure of LaSalle bank valuation, transaction price and investment after the development plan and other matters not agreed, and they are not satisfied with the results of due diligence. Q Housing Network said, in view of the LaSalle bank investment Q real network development strategy and Q intends to take the real network strategy is different, through friendly consultations, the two sides decided to stop cooperation.

LaSalle Bank Board Secretary Yuan Hongchang said in an interview, give up because of the LaSalle Bank of Q real income, net profit, trading volume, market share, Q housing network do not differ more.

Shenzhen an unnamed insiders also told the news interface, Q network in the field of housing development opened up the situation, can not achieve satisfactory performance objectives of LaSalle bank, which joined Zuo Donghua vice president of Department of career and even leaving the chain of home, Q housing network off-site development process has been stagnant for several months.

that time, LaSalle bank said it hopes to improve the service industry chain through equity Q housing network, expand the service entrance, in accordance with established LaSalle bank three strategies, namely into the stock market, to expand and deepen the user service entrance share. LaSalle bank and even to set up three years of Q housing network to 2 billion 800 million yuan valuation.

The real

Q network was established in February 2012, as a real estate intermediary network platform, the real Q network by the former chairman of the Shenzhen real estate Liang Wenhua set up R & D team spent hundreds of millions of yuan to build. Two years later, United Real Estate announced that all of its stores to upgrade the brand Q housing network, and open Q housing network brand franchise.


announced in March 2015 to LaSalle bank shares, Q housing network has declared Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhuhai and other more than ten city, and established six years stationed in the one hundred city of Hondar target. But before the idea of small intermediary companies take the initiative to join in different ways, in order to strengthen agent constraint and risk sharing, Q housing network mostly through acquisitions and equity participation in the remote city, which also was the results of non-compliance foreshadowed.

October 20, 2014, Q housing network announced the acquisition of a wholly-owned Suzhou good Mong housing brokerage Co. ltd.. Vice president of the Q housing network group director of flower Yun claimed that Suzhou haowangjiao is the first wholly owned acquisition into Q housing network company, which is the beginning of Q housing network national expansion strategy. Prior to this, Q room network executives have publicly revealed that the financing scale is considerable, and plans within six years >

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