The Spring Festival happy wish stationmaster report the latest development of X products

dear users and friends:

to the Spring Festival holiday, but also to the reunion time. For far from home and family home, and when the bird is homing, some people are actively preparing for home bags, some people have set foot on the road ahead. We all have a common wish, that is, there is no money to go home for a family reunion. At this moment, and we all like to look forward to working with friends and family reunion, looking forward to new year’s rich in flavor and fragrance of bacon.

in addition to the new year the joy and excitement, people have the habit of recuperation in this relatively long holiday, finishing a year, mood status, inventory shortage, harvest growth, planted the seeds of hope. Looking back and finishing the past in 2009, in the hands of the webmaster friends will grow in the end, the way forward, our fate has long been closely linked with all the webmaster. In 2010 the new year, the team will unswervingly adhere to Comsenz, personality, innovative, professional, focused business philosophy, devote more resources to the research and innovation of the products and services for the majority of owners.

not long ago, C was in the 2010 New Year message "Comsenz 2010 New Year message: to adapt to the environment, to meet the community" X "in cross-border times" revealed a new development plan we are in. In fact, from the beginning of November 2009, we have invested in the core R & D elite, the full closure of the development of a code named UltraX project, which is highly anticipated X products.

this is a product of the succession, because many webmaster friends are very much looking forward to, therefore, we feel pleased at the same time, also feel the pressure and responsibility. Therefore, we hope that we must inherit the quality of our products and quality, to make a boutique. Now, the main framework of the development of the "X" product has completed more than half of the work will focus on the details of each function, then, we hope to report a new development process to everyone, so that the majority of owners have an early understanding and grasp of the product, the specific details are as follows:

1, the depth of the kernel program to adjust the program, focusing on site load, speed problems (code and UI has been completed by 100%)

The high

load and slow speed has been a large community site in distress, "X" product to adjust the bottom of the program kernel architecture, and by redesigning the related database tables, post table and so on many kinds of effective methods, from the fundamental solution to the long-standing problem.

specifically, this time on the Discuz, UCHome running code were checked and adjusted to ensure the smooth operation of the new framework. Some of the high load database tables (such as user tables) are redesigned and optimized for data queries to support Memcached. The forum posts are divided into tables (such as posts table), support for distributed MySQL deployment (different data tables corresponding to different MySql), mentioning

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