Daily topic Sogou browser was intercepted in the end who is 360 rogue

station network (www.admin5.com) September 22nd news, Sogou issued a statement yesterday, said received a large number of user complaints browser defaults has been tampered with, and the manual recovery is invalid, and then set off "360 security software".

good I use the browser is also Sogou, open space in the morning, how to become a IE browser, I obviously set the default browser Sogou ah. To remain perplexed despite much thought when he was checked on the net, see the official statement issued: September 19th Sogou start in the morning, we received a large number of user complaints: Sogou browser user default setting is changed into IE or 360 browser, and the user manual recovery is invalid.

our survey statistics show that a large number of Sogou browser users in batches, sub period, sub regional affected. Affected users in addition to Beijing, but also Guangzhou, Xi’an and other cities and regions.

according to the preliminary judgment of our technical staff, Sogou browser users default settings in the user’s knowledge of the situation changes, and 360 security software.

we call on 360 companies to immediately stop the unfair competition behavior affecting the user experience, advocating a healthy competitive environment. Sogou will adhere to provide users with the best technology and services.

at the same time, for manual recovery invalid users, we recommend that you temporarily shut down 360 security software and then set.



see the reason for this statement has also been understood, and in the heart, I think it seems to be between the 360 and the outbreak of a war of words. Indeed 360 issued a statement said in response, after a $448 million stake in the Tencent Inc investment Sogou, during the Mid Autumn Festival this year, tying behavior become aggravated Sogou input method, input method to upgrade and update the thesaurus as an excuse, large-scale bundled browser induced behavior. As a security software, Sogou bundled software behavior, 360 to the user risk is completely reasonable and legitimate. Allegedly, as early as 2011, the Ministry issued a Decree No. twentieth "code for the Internet information service market order" several provisions, clearly stated: "the Internet information service terminal software bundled with other software, should be a significant way to prompt the user, by the user initiative to choose whether to install or use, and provide independent unloading or close way no additional unreasonable conditions."

previously, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan yesterday forwarded a netizen on 360 software tampering with the default browser and Sogou micro-blog, commented: "the country has received a large number of users to 360 complaints, but also see a lot of feedback on micro-blog. This rogue behavior beyond the legal bottom line, but also a great harm to the user. Our forensic work is progressing well." The 360 companies responsible person said, for Sogou and its CEO>

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