Double 11 reflection the first echelon of the game sellers tend to rational

Lei Jianping Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on October 14th

Tmall sellers will soon usher in the annual double 11 promotion wars.

after the 2011 double 11 single day trading volume 5 billion 200 million, 2012 single day turnover of 19 billion 100 million, the Alibaba related sources, Tmall Taobao dual 11 day guarantee transactions amounted to 30 billion yuan, is expected to impact 45 billion to 50 billion turnover.

as a direct participant of the various sellers is how to look at the double 11 for Amoy brand, double 11 is an excellent opportunity to sprint annual sales for some of the traditional brands, the double is still based on the inventory of 11. Overall, the double 11 is still the first echelon sellers game, small sellers more is an occasion to play along".

for clothing brands, the risk of double 11 brings great pressure. If the sales estimate is not correct, the seller may have a huge inventory. There are a number of clothing brands, said the past two years, reflecting the blind sales, this year’s attitude is more rational, sales will be controlled within the affordable range.

first tier seller’s game

sales and ranking is the most valued by the seller. Tmall each activity in the main venue of the order, and each time the performance of small activities, annual sales, ranking, praise and other related content. This year’s ranking, may have a direct impact on next year’s resource contention."

as a result of Tmall’s 11 investment has a certain threshold, the main venue participants to large sellers based. Once the double 11 venue, you can get Tmall traffic support.

small sellers only occasion". A vertical type of women’s brand founder, said: we are not the first echelon of Taobao sellers, get too much traffic. Year after year, just do it, there is no special expectations, there is no rigid targets. No traffic support, that is, their own play, looking for old customers to buy."

is a women’s Amoy brand relevant responsible person said to the Tencent of science and technology, as early as six months ago to prepare 11 double, each brand will set a double 11 sales target; if the completion of the annual sales target of beautiful, will play a decisive significance.

it is reported that the Korean homes are 11 pairs of clothes on the same day sales target of 200 million, the annual sales target of 1 billion 200 million. A men’s clothing brand relevant responsible person said, last year, 11 double sales accounted for 25% of the annual sales. There are 11 traditional brands, two single day sales accounted for nearly half of the country’s annual sales.

sales is an important indicator to assess the success of double 11. In addition, the ranking is also very important, if the completion of the goal but the decline in the rankings, behind the competitors, but also lost." Amoy brand insiders said.

players can not be ignored as well as traditional brands. In the last two 11, in the field of traditional clothing sales inventory. This year

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