Stationmaster net broadcast Nora core technical personnel by the Tencent from SARFT interviewed vide

1 Nora staff self-help rights part of the core technical personnel by the plaintiff Tencent poached  


CNR network Beijing July 16th news (reporter Tang Ming, intern reporter Li Eryu), according to voice of the economy reported. Astronomical ticket overnight overwhelmed Nora, Nora employees have to use their own way to fight for rights.

media reports, in the form of text messages to inform the staff last week was fast, because the company was punished 260 million yuan may not be reversed, in order to ensure that the interests of employees, negotiated by each department colleagues, employees filed an arbitration proposal, in order to pay compensation in the liquidation procedure, and prompt staff with a good card, sign the arbitration authority.

"world company" today to a Nora staff confirmation, the other said, did not receive this message, but I heard someone in the preparation of labor arbitration.

2 SARFT interviewed video network music box sale four throwing mechanism 300 million  

sudden bad almost LETV (300104.SZ) nailed to the daily limit.

the evening of July 15th, it is reported that, in July 11th and 15, press and publication administration were met with the central three Taiwan (country wide, CCTV, CNR) as well as Guangdong, Zhejiang, leading Hunan, Shanghai Bureau of the four local stations and on the current Internet TV management and business work problems and rectify the direction and time has put forward clear requirements. The message said, "the Internet TV license interviewed party atmosphere is stronger than ever", or the Internet TV history the most stringent regulatory policy execution begins.

July 16th, LETV Meng were institutions zapan, the afternoon was limit. At the close, the stock fell 9.75% to close at $36.28 / share. The LETV charts show that four institutions sold a total of nearly 307 million yuan.

3 Ali on the eve of the IPO: valuation is still undecided lock lock live staff

Alibaba group has entered the IPO before the silent period. Compared to the past year, frequent high-profile acquisitions, the last month of Alibaba group is no longer large-scale mergers and acquisitions investment activities, it seems very low-key.

Ali group around the topic of discussion in the continuation of the listing. Just yesterday, YAHOO announced a new agreement with Alibaba group, the largest number of shares sold in the Alibaba group IPO when the original plan to reduce the number of shares to 140 million shares from to 208 million.


the reason is very simple, this allows YAHOO to benefit from YAHOO CEO, and to Meijer’s revival plan to win more time, because a Alibaba’s stock, investors will be able to hold YAHOO shares for longer periods of time.

4 Taobao Taobao shocking corruption investigation how deep is the water?   < >;

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