Medical Q & a website HealthTap Schmidt 11 million 500 thousand investment

[IT] Sohu news Beijing on December 7th news, "mobile new discovery" reported today, the United States medical information website HealthTap in the first round of financing raised $11 million 500 thousand, mainly for the expansion of its online community medical experts. Community health quiz service, users can ask questions via the Internet or smart phones.

round of financing by the Us Venture Capital Firm Mayfield Fund lead investor, other investors include Google chairman Eric – Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) Innovation Endeavors Mohr Davidow Ventures fund and Vc firm.

started just two months, interactive health Web site HealthTap attracted more than six thousand doctors and the participation of the 500 health care organizations. Doctor patient answer online questions, this in itself is not a color, HealthTap excels in its incentive system. Doctors can earn a reputation through service and peer recognition, participation enthusiasm higher.

HealthTap CEO Ron Gutmann (Ron Gutman) said in an interview on the internet medical information search authority often in vain, because people lack of confidence in the answer. While doctors are good at answering questions, it is well known that they are very busy and do not catch cold. It was at this point that they created the site.

Gutmann said, our goal is to change the health care model. People don’t trust the medical information they find on the Internet, which is of no use to them. Every month, the health search is as high as 1 billion 200 million times, but most people believe in the doctor’s words."

HealthTap Q & a process "game", the doctor answered questions to win reputation. After a doctor has given an answer, the other doctors can click on the button on the phone to agree. The more doctors who approve, the higher the status of the person who submits the answer.

HealthTap financing is mainly used to expand the size of the company, recruit new employees and increase the number of students and patients in the community.

Tim, general manager of

Mayfield Zhang said that when he was in the field as early as Stanford University, has seven years of experience in the industry. In attracting doctors, HealthTap no one comparable, the secret lies in the health of the game". Doctors are willing to answer questions, receive rewards and win recognition from peers. HealthTap development of mobile applications to simplify the operation.

"HealthTap attracts me not only for its vision and gameplay, but also for its appeal to physicians. Other startups rarely do this."

in the past, pharmaceutical companies used to bribe doctors with money, but HealthTap was satisfied with the doctor

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