Antenna video restore access to the video disappeared into pure text site



antenna video to restore access to post screenshots (Sohu IT pictures)


website video turned to pure text website

September 26th news, antenna video ( today to resume access, however, the site has no video content, turned into a pure text site.

day before the antenna video cannot access. Official announcement said that due to server failure. However, informed sources, the antenna is not a normal access to video copyright disputes.


IT today found that the antenna video ( has been restored access today, but the video content has disappeared, turned into a pure text site, provide entertainment, finance, sports and other aspects of information.

according to media reports, the antenna video is currently only a few important employees are still working, other employees are still in a state of holiday.

antenna video is a video search technology as the core of the video site, on April 2006 formally launched.

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