A problem with the T industry elite 7 health practitioners hepatobiliary sick

fatty liver and abnormal liver, gallbladder polyps in a computer company worker disease before 3

The medical examination reports of


newspaper news (reporter Chen Jun) "IT more intense competition in the industry, more and more people are successful, and the innovation requirements are relatively high, people are more aggressive and have a healthy attitude, a good body to face the overload of the industry." A software development chief engineer describes the importance of the body for IT practitioners. But a report from the First Affiliated Hospital of medical examination center found that, due to the law of life often work overtime and irregular, leading to fatty liver and abnormal liver, gallbladder polyps become frequently occurring in this industry. Although young people are the main practitioners, but hypertension younger age is also very obvious.

7 into practitioners health problems

earlier this month, a IT 285 workers came to the hospital for examination, of which only two people over the age of 45. The results showed that 212 (74%) were found to have different health problems. Although the majority of young people, but found to have fatty liver of 40 people, 28 people of abnormal liver function, 21 gallbladder polyps and the hypertension 18, hepatitis B virus carrying 14 people, in addition to rhinitis, thrombocytopenia, gallstones, kidney stones and other diseases.

in the company’s 234 men, there are more than 53 people overweight, which is an important cause of hypertension.

mental disorder

fast pace of life, high labor intensity, great psychological pressure, endless competition. This is the characteristics of the IT industry. Web designers must work overtime in the weekend; programmers must be 24 hours a day on standby, waiting for treatment system endless; meal took only 15 minutes, and is in the computer on meals, irregular eating, overeating. The direct result of these is: many IT practitioners, many sick, and mental disorders, performance feel uncomfortable without a computer room for them, leaving the keyboard fingers could not help percussion, broken network computer will make them feel lost.

The doctor warned against liver diseases

weight attached to a hospital medical center director Wang Yonghong said, as the leading role in the IT industry, a group of young people, to strengthen the physical exercise, attention and prevention of hepatobiliary disease.

: refers to the abnormal liver function increased one or several indicators of liver function tests, the main reason for the large quantities of alcohol, drug damage, virus infection, overwork, excessive exposure to radioactive substances. Advise to limit drinking, cautious medication, work and rest, not in computer intensive sedentary places.

: all acalculous gallbladder polyp lesion. The gallbladder wall growth, mainly for the right upper abdomen slight discomfort, there can be biliary colic stones, surgery is the best way to cure. But not all of the gallbladder polyps are to be operated, only when the polyp diameter greater than 1 cm above the need for Surgery >

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