Zhou Yi Acfun domain name is hold room to enable a single fight fang com

yiboweiping another well-known video barrage site Acfun, yesterday was all stop parsing, even today acfun.com/.tv two domain name registration information are being deleted. A can stand in the sun? Than the hold domain was in dire straits, the other side of the Soufangwang in today officially launched after buying the "real" fang.com, and the site was renamed the real world.

is well known, SouFun has been troubled by troubled cottage sites, choose to change the domain name, change the name is mostly for the reputation of the image is no longer damaged. It is reported that the day before Soufangwang bought fang.com.cn, a legend, the domain name price up to 750 thousand yuan. In addition, SouFun also protects the world of the world, such as a full set of fangtianxia.com Pinyin domain name.


: domestic domain name transaction dynamics

in this week’s domestic domain name trading market, the need for more than 2 domain name has been the end of the acquisition enabled. "Financing" means the rz.com is "green credit" financial websites enable online. Just bought the "express" Larry Jiangsu is very convenient, and the py.com and checheng.com bought in the bag. And had 120 thousand yuan to shoot the bz.cn, then set up in order to Bazhou online. In addition, YY is also ready to live on-line yy.tv, there are reports that the domain price of 10 million yuan, many people questioned by the industry.

in the domain name, domain name investors buy in addition to being "dog food", "gouliang.com laoshu.cn," repow mouse "ripu.com" and "shouhuan.net Bracelet" etc., there are also many fancy terminal domain name". For example, quality rice network enabled the revision, youmi.cn; and debt trading network changed its name to the silver bean network, also chose Larry yindou.com, third education online website Gong Haiyan well network, the same line is nahao.com.

in March was the main tired acquisition of 32.com days before discovery, has been built for the octopus search site, 32.com is once again the high hands? In addition, in cooperation with the United States well-known entertainment company Lionsgate, ready to enter the film industry Alibaba, recently broke the news, Ali has been low-key registered alibabafilms.com/.net/.cn a number of film and television domain, and a full set of domain name aliursys.com/.cn/.com.cn. The latter will be Ali’s new project,


: foreign domain name trade figure

looking overseas, this week in the Journal DN domain name transaction list, bitcoin founder Nakamoto, 3 letter domain name and domain name Satoshi.com CIN.com and the "sale" Larry domain maimai.cn respectively to 75000 U.S. dollars (about 460 thousand yuan), "

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