How to promote portal website

my website is an agricultural business web portal. Do some small promotion experience, want to talk to you! Let more friends, less detours, success is expected!

website promotion is the key to build. How to promote the many webmaster bewildered. My website is agricultural business network agriculture portal. My promotion is so, do please refer to!

1. Site built to choose their own promotion crowd. Choose your own business. Do some friendship connection. And some of the industry’s home site to add or let them included. It will help you not bother trying to propaganda. Or spend a higher price to do rankings, and so on, there is a high income.

2. Talk and talk about things at different times and in different places. Such as the forum, post bar is a good place for online publicity. Add some QQ group with the industry, but also a method. Their side of the enterprise can do some publicity for their free. To do the use of textbooks. Attract more customers. Achieve promotion purpose.

3. Don’t spend a little more money on a web site in the same industry, do an ad, or in the same industry newspapers and magazines to do a publicity. Regular time to send some mail to some enterprises, or do some telephone lines to promote. This will allow more customers to understand your site.

my method is not very good, but my website agricultural business network is the way all the way through the wind and rain. So that we can learn from. If you have a better way, you can also talk about sharing.

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