From today’s headlines to see the news website


figure for the May 22nd big Chu headlines

all the week, print media (newspapers, magazines) news, daily small websites reproduced thousands of times, but what most users see? Today, I news headlines from the big Chu, get some inspiration.

from the source, this article from the Hubei Yichang Three Gorges evening, not big Chu nets of the original, but after finishing Chu network editor, became a unique network planning, the Three Gorges evening and general websites only allow readers to understand what happened, but with the big Chu my friends interactive advantage, let users participate in the planning of the "[q] Q: together we seek Zhijiang baby……"


news headlines from the production, and the content of the finishing, as well as planning, are reflected in the advantages and characteristics of the great Chu network, which is worthy of our learning.


10:10, Tencent QQ pop-up this news, further promotion, so that they produce their own title "national users attention" was confirmed, all in their planning.

this article by the great Yichang network ( webmaster original release!

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