Nine creative marketing stories teach you alternative ways to make money

lead: here to share the story of 9 small, perhaps you have read them. But I still feel that the story of those who create wealth. The classic story is worth a while!

here to share the 9 little story, perhaps you have read them. But I still feel that the story of those who create wealth. The classic story is worth a while!

1, send 2/3 to land a shrewd businessman of the government, is a piece of 30 miles in a city outside of the United States gally hillside, the owner of the land to see land put useless where it sold at very low prices. A new owner, went to the local government departments said: I have a piece of land, I am willing to donate the government, but I am an education salvation, so only this piece of land to build a university. The government agreed to immediately.

so he donated 2/3 to the government. Soon, a big university stands in the gally. Smart land owner in the rest of the 1/3 land to build student apartments, restaurants, shopping malls, bars, theaters and so on, forming a university in front of the commercial street. Before long, the loss of land from the profits of the commercial street to get back.

2, Harry: I bought the ticket free circus peanuts, American propaganda wizard Harry six year old fifteen child labour in a circus, responsible for selling food in a circus venue. But not every life, people buy things to eat less, especially drinks, very few people interested. One day, Harry whim: get a bag of peanuts to each ticket audience, in order to attract the audience. But the boss strongly disagreed with his absurd idea. Harry used his meager salary as a guarantee, asked the boss to let him try, and promised to say, if the money from his salary deduction; if the profit, only half of their own. The boss reluctantly agreed.

then, after the circus venues outside more than a voluntary propagandist: "the circus! Buy a ticket free delicious peanut bag!" in Harry kept shouting, the audience several times more than usual. The audience, Harry began selling drinks, while the vast majority of the audience after eating peanuts after thirsty will buy a bottle of beverage. Such a circus down, turnover increased by more than ten times than usual. In fact, Harry in the peanut when adding a small amount of salt, so that the peanut is better to eat, and the audience to eat more thirsty, drink business naturally better and better.

3, the president and the book, there are a number of U. s.publishers unsalable books for a long time can not get rid of it, he sent the president a book, and to solicit the views of the president again and again, no time at the president of government affairs and its entanglement, he should be a sentence: "this book is good!" publishers like treasure land a whoop and a holler: "there are now president love books for sale." So, these unmarketable book will soon be looted.

soon, the publisher has

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