Fan Shaohui SEO skills in writing articles

we often see some very good websites or blogs. Why can their articles have a very good ranking advantage in writing the article when the application of some of the SEO skills are likely to get a very big ranking advantage. The idea can be roughly from two aspects to start.

, the site of the article should contain the targeted text, the appropriate appearance, and the appropriate increase in the density value (note is "appropriate", not the keyword accumulation).

two, the site’s article to the role of the internal link carrier.

In fact,

should be targeted in the text and soft writing skills are the same. Do not contain specific words? You say, in the "I think", I will write "check that SEO", which will undoubtedly increase with this web site "Keywords"; in the article in this term must have some way of expression, do not use some people are less for example, people often say "search engine optimization" and less said "SE optimization", so in this article we will try to avoid this word. It’s obvious that people don’t search in your own way.

site of the article targeted text should also be reflected in the title, such as the title of my article in the "SEO skills" key words, that SE is very clear about the content of my article on what. Under the same conditions, it is generally considered that the key words appear more important than the keywords in the article. By the way, under the same conditions, the article began to appear at the end of the article key words than in the middle of the article is very deep in the keyword search engine (SE) is more important.

More than

increase the density of keywords is the emphasis on a proper value. The degree of certainty you don’t need to master the observation period, the emergence of a keyword without too much significance, there may be self defeating. Appropriate emphasis on key words and density, no other meaning, just want to remind the word SE need to pay attention to. General emphasis on two or three times on it. We must face up to the SEO skills, such as the two key words in a crowded, but we are bold emphasized, this will not be the search engine to do keyword, or we see in order to increase the density of targeted word is bold stressed that this is wrong.

In addition

, SEO optimization techniques, the article try not too short, there is a page similarity problem in SE, if the two most of the text of the same page, SE likely will two pages as the same page, if appear on the website there are a large number of such a situation, it may be your site the search engine will be greatly reduced in the position of the eyes. But no matter how to rationalize the article, the impact of the user to read the article is unreasonable.

website article to the internal links play a role in how to understand it? If there are more strange terms in this article, I will definitely use the appropriate link to the appropriate page. Such a purpose is not just a matter of

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