How to do search engine optimization

most of the site’s promotion can not be separated from the search engine, local portal is no exception. So deal with the relationship between the local portal and search engine for the promotion of local portal website has great significance. Before the site on the line, the content structure should be good, at least let others look like a website. Otherwise, even through some kind of promotion to someone, but to the people’s feelings are not ideal, they will go away. Even after your site is done, due to the previous bad experience, there will be a lot of people more than JI.

specific content structure of the building, it is related to the location of your site, and do not specifically discuss here. But to explain is that the home page, the list page, the specific content of the page from the title, to the main page, to the bottom of the page layout and optimization of key words or to pay attention to. At present, some of the mainstream CMS in this area is not very good. Of course, this kind of open source CMS can not make the appropriate optimization for the site location and your needs, more or rely on local web site operators to explore their own.

although there is no uniform local web site optimization standards, but still can give you a list of some appropriate reference.

first look at the home page optimization, the structure of the title is: "the website name + site introduced, such as" my website home page title is: "life in Huangshi – Huangshi area consumer portal". This is more than a single site name seems to enrich the point, where the simple introduction of the site also played a role in description. Tell the search engines what your website is like.

secondly, the home page should be noted that the distribution of key words density. For example, my site is the portal area of Huangshi. Then I certainly hope that "Huangshi" this keyword can be ranked in the forefront of search. So the best "Huangshi" the key word in the home page density in 1% – 6% (of course, some places are said to be 3% – 6%).

then on the description and keywords writing should be standardized. Keywords to be precise, description also want to be precise and short, there is no need to write a lot, too many long description may dilute the theme of the site. Look at the following table page, the title of the format can be written like this: "list type + site name", such as mine is "Huangshi News – Huangshi life network", Huangshi news is a good keyword. There are many links in the list page, these links are not in absolute or relative? If there is no special requirement, but the relative links, can reduce the size of the page, but also conducive to the search crawl.

finally look at the specific content page. The optimization of this page should be the most important. Because in general, the web site from the search engine to flow from the specific content of the page.

if the content page is a news class, the title can be: > >

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