A brief discussion on the management of local portal website two or three

build a good website, will be officially into the business. In fact, although the site itself is designed to use the function is very important, but the operation is good or bad, is the key to the survival of a web site.

    do a web site again how good, if no one knows web presence, then everything is in vain, so will be the site of the first action is to tell the business website.

in the traditional marketing concept, the first instinct is to spend money on marketing. The budget in There is no hiding the fact., permit, through some traditional marketing media operations, such as TV advertising, outdoor media, propaganda activities, is to promote the popularity of the website, the most direct method to increase the reading rate, while these in a few years ago the network investment network, has been constantly bombarding you my vision and hearing. Today, we are on the network theory, for the time being, do not discuss the marketing mechanism, the most economical but can achieve a certain effect of marketing methods to promote your website:

search engine

In this part of the

, go to the major portals and search site login is of course necessary, but to maximize the effectiveness of the login and use some of the characteristics of search engines, there are still some tricks:

define Keywords:

do not underestimate this action, when you successfully log on to a portal site, the key words you define will be the impact of the site can be found important factors. The general enterprise website as an example, the words can be quoted from the company name, industry category, professional field, product name or service items, like cultural intelligence (company name), publishing, information publishing (industry), web design, business intelligence (field), web design, design yearbook Yearbook (product name). Keywords the words you use must be must be the most representative of your company or website words, don’t use propaganda abstract is not practical language, unless you have a grasp of the user will want to make these words to query your website.


this is a label syntax in the HTML, there are many search engines automatically to search for the definition of "label, but many use web editing tools designers tend to ignore this part, virtually also reduce the website is to search opportunities for the use of META will not repeat them here, readers can refer to HTML on some teaching books, there is a detailed usage. In this proposal, the reader, in the production site, in each page with META narrative, to ensure that there will be an unexpected effect Oh!

full text retrieval:

many search engines provide this function, the main purpose is to search the web text, if the reader understand this part, must be considered in the design of the text is part of the page is to use text or image to show? There are many sites in order to make the design more.

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