Three ways of thinking about new sources of product operation

when you run an Internet product, will feel particularly challenging innovation, today to share three ways of thinking that can help you create a framework for thinking out of the ordinary, get new ideas in terms of product operations.

Three new ways of thinking about the new creative sources of

products (Figure 1)

angle: analysis of human needs, to explore the potential needs of

don’t ask what the customer needs to focus on the need to explore potential customers, when the Apple Corp for the first time to the development of the iPhone, do not know who the smart mobile phone is touch, but also play games. So this time how to do needs analysis how to do market research in the face of iPhone, the user actually do not know what will be. Instead of asking what the user wants, it is better to explore the needs of the user has not yet been analyzed, innovation can not wait for such a way of thinking.

now a variety of technologies are helpful to discover the needs of these are not clear, through the collection and analysis of user behavior in the use of existing products, try to determine their needs are not met.

angle two: analysis of human behavior, the challenge of existing authority

each industry has a set of rules or traditional ways of doing things, and for the enterprise, each of the old way of thinking to break, the process of new thinking is unlimited business opportunities.

"super girls" program is to break the traditional challenges, the real case existing authority, read the "super girl" program broadcast on all know, super girl, comparable to the spring festival. At that time, the general lack of public entertainment platform, the lack of interaction with the audience, and the super girl abolished the age threshold, put forward to sing, the short message voting and PK elimination combined, become the audience participation rate is high, show strong interaction, so as to achieve success.

everyone can draw out the traditional and standard of your industry, and ask yourself: can not do so, or in the opposite direction, the spark of creativity is so burst out. Or ask a few questions and give answers in the absence of existing standards. So a good way of thinking can create good ideas.

angle three: analysis of other business philosophy, the use of

many business ideas are brought from elsewhere. Want to be innovative, and ultimately communication and other industries, Henry · Ford is how to create an assembly line? He is from the local slaughterhouse process, slaughterhouse has step by step decomposition process of raw meat, such a way of thinking based on Henry & middot; Ford put it a concept to a related industry.

three ways of thinking can stimulate people’s creativity. Usually, you need a lot of creativity in the process of product operation, and only one or two of each of the ten ideas can be put into practice. That’s why you need to use it

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