The Putian Department of chaos a huge network marketing mode of thinking is helpless

recently released a "Putian Health Industry Association" on the "stop notice" all paid promotion network spread in the network, the notice said, because the network auction rules, many medical institutions are almost Internet Co work, so called on all folks decided to stop all paid online promotional activities, and asked all the members must abide by.

Putian Department of this piece of paper, directed at Baidu. While Baidu attitude is quite firmly said, will not shake the high threshold, strict audit, the determination, and will increase the regulation of illegal medical promotion. Stakeholders told the Nanfang Daily reporter, Baidu in 2014 cumulative refusal of illegal medical institutions more than 1.3 customers, of which more than 60% of the Department of Putian hospital. Another insiders pointed out that this incident can let the private hospital to realize, rely on the huge network marketing mode is tantamount to doing.

Putian attack: stop all paid call network promotion

March 25th, Sina micro-blog users @ north by marine released a picture is displayed as "Putian (China) Health Industry Association in March 21st published" on notice "to stop all paid online promotion of full text. The notice said, Putian Department of medical people after thirty years of hard work, and now because of the rules of the network bidding, leading to the industry is facing serious problems, many medical institutions almost Internet Co. Therefore, the Federation called on all folks from April 1st to stop all paid network promotion activities".

in order to ensure the implementation of the "critical" activities, the general requirements of all members of the determination, at all costs". Do not stop to pay for the promotion of the unit, whether it is not a member of the unit, is not the Department of Putian hospital, will launch all forces to click. If the search engine companies try to communicate with any unit program, must report to the general assembly, all the action plan will be a unified command. The next program of cooperation with the search engine platform, will always by professional staff and related Leadership Academy, as soon as possible cooperation framework scientific, effective and fair.

The leader of the

, was established in 2014 in Putian (Chinese) health industry association. According to local media reports in Fujian, the association did discuss on stop Baidu for advertising, some of the private hospital department of Putian has received notice, but at present only the intention, the Department of Putian major hospitals will be responsible for the meeting finalized in April 4th.

Department of Putian hospital to cosmetic surgery, andrology, gynecology, mainly from the brush poles, small ads posted on the street started. According to the Putian Health Industry Association website, more than 60 thousand employees in the private hospital in Putian Province, there are more than 8 thousand and 500 private hospitals in the country held, accounting for the total number of 80% private hospitals, Putian Hospital Department of annual turnover of about 260000000000 yuan, annual medical equipment and consumables procurement amounted to about 150000000000 yuan.

and the Department of Putian issued a statement, there is news that the Department of Putian actually inside

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