How to make good use of entertainment marketing brand sponsorship

in enterprise marketing, please star endorsement is no longer the only weapon, with "Daddy where to go, run, male The Voice of China" and the hit show, the more popular entertainment program sponsored enterprises, also officially promotes entertainment marketing momentum, whether the sponsorship program or star endorsement, this is enhance brand awareness of favorable publicity means, but the program sponsors want to get good results, we must pay attention to fitness programs and brand, to bid farewell to the simple form of sponsorship, in-depth interactive cooperation and planning, can only be effectively combined with the program itself and the enterprise brand focus, Liu Yu today contains and how to do we simply talk about the entertainment marketing enterprises, make the brand of the money is not wasted.

is the first to speak is entertainment attitude, many companies put not to open, do not accept the content and form of entertainment funny, in fact, like life, entertainment attitude we are willing to chat and humorous person, without love and take the initiative to contact a serious person, but also the reason of brand marketing, it is more like a kind of affinity, be open and postures, to integrate into the public, for the public to provide fun to brand to more easily win the goodwill of friends.

is essential for second theme activities, to sponsor "The Voice of China" China "good air conditioning" AUX air-conditioning as an example, an occasion to show to launch the "big lottery quiz activities in the official website of WeChat platform, not only in the game with friends praise, redeem Hao Li, at the same time, each with App Watch and other luxury prizes to attract fans. Ahokas will be the brand innovation and younger attitude enjoy in interactive games, fully enhance the game spread ability will influence to maximize, become" the king of summer entertainment". Impress young consumers.

in the case of Metersbonwe, Iqiyi said "wonderful" named after the show, the official micro-blog is playing around the flowers, "flower" this topic will expand countless imagination, "my former is wonderful," said Mei Flower "and other topics, to attract users to discuss; said spokesman, Smith Barney the" double endorsement "strategy is also worthy of attention and reference to Li Yifeng and Jay Chou’s double endorsement strategy across the mainstream age market segments of consumer groups, it is build a fan economic benchmark, the expansion of the potential user groups. At the same time, Jay Chou is "The Voice of China" mentor, the topic is "good China fans emerge in an endless stream," "Zhouyi theorem", attracted a bunch of fans in the crowd, Internet plus era, the successful transformation of Smith barney.

use the official brand WeChat, micro-blog platform to launch the target audience to discuss interactive topics, not only to enhance the effectiveness of the official micro, but also increase the viscosity of fans. Here, Liu Yu refines a sentence containing entertainment marketing activities: heart products, entertainment topic. That is to say, the product features, brand concepts and other segments into the activities of the various links, so that participants in the process of participating in the event is actually a performance of the product, to deepen the understanding of the brand. Too stiff, of course, can not do this, it is necessary to use the topic of the program, the two naturally clever fusion together, >

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