English station promotion 200 foreign daily flow method

Hello, to share with you my English station is how to get a daily 200 foreign traffic, master at.

In fact, the

method is an old method, the basic operation principle is: to find foreign traffic alliance after registration to let others after you click on the promotion address site location after the alliance is a front to flow.

looking for foreign flow union need to remember two points, one is not required to put the code in your union station; two is the more formal alliance, different methods are also put in a GG. flow of the union, here are a few foreign alliance I recommend http://s.www.carsnbabes.net/ http://s. www.modifiedcars.net/ http://s.www.customtrucksites.com/ http://s.www.performancebmw.com/; http://s.www.super-trucks.net/ http://s.www.topimportsites.net/ http://s.www.ukcarsites.com/ http://s.www.carsnmodels.net/ http://s.www.exoticcarsites.com/ http://s.www.motorpix.net / http://s.www.performancegti.net/ http://s.www.topbikesites.net/ http://s.www.toplowridersites.com/

then registered above Union, registration is relatively simple, click on " ADD A LINK" registration, remember when you register the website "Banner URL" design beautiful, ha ha!! if there is of course to 55.la to produce their own needs, " 468*60" pictures,

After the completion of the registration of

you can see the promotion code and connection, do not need to pay attention to the code, the code directly inside the link to copy out the address, and then publicize your address,

someone asked, how to promote the publicity of this address to have an effect, it would have to rely on our domestic traffic union.

first do a beauty temptation page, link images to the promotion of your address, then put on the N number of domestic traffic exchange can be in this page. But now the temptation in the fight against " vulgar, indecent, vulgar " other content sites, pull idle questions, see NetEase in the days before home page apology article, express image channels, celestial picture channels, open, and QQ, in the album indecent website information list, and check all >

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