Marketing Secrets micro blog marketing needs to upgrade with creativity

WeChat marketing concept for traditional electricity supplier, is really a big challenge to WeChat is difficult to surpass, the external image of the tall building is too good, micro business status and reputation has been greatly improved, not playing WeChat seems to have become obsolete, the imitation of Buddha instantly became fashionable mark, hot topic, entrepreneurship incubator. WeChat marketing has become marketing businesses imperceptibly and individual choice, marketers just discovered a new continent WeChat marketing fiery rush on like a swarm of hornets, in the end there is no water, this is indeed to be the problem. Then the first point of view, a few years ago, the fiery micro-blog marketing now eclipsed bleak from not playing micro-blog left behind "to" WeChat does not play out, "why is this a favor to tyon properties change, naturally there is a problem of micro-blog marketing really did not use these questions? Naturally emerge.

first, the two platforms have reference, but not comparable. Micro-blog needs to position itself, because it is through the WeChat communication platform and gather popularity, while micro-blog is a single social platform, this is not what the two comparable, because of the presence of the starting point is not the same, leading to the development of late are not the same. Why say two reference? Careful users will find the micro-blog ten years of grinding sword, a layer of the same, the original marketing advantage slowly in the pale, also slowly lost the original marketing position, become popular in future development of micro-blog marketing fatal. You can see when WeChat just came out, the outside world is very controversial, but it has long been accepted and loved by people, not to mention there is speculation of the suspect, then say, marketing itself there is speculation handwriting.

but these years, WeChat marketing creative output is not heavy, from a shake to bottles, now red float, still a guess fist and so on gadgets, you can see, WeChat is in small drops in creative gather popularity. In particular, this year’s red envelopes, fiery, and to a large extent bring marketing innovation, but also to expand the marketing practices, making WeChat marketing high. In contrast, micro-blog marketing these years or a layer of dye, "old" and "old ways" to make early marketing become "gone", too familiar with the marketing environment is not new for marketers, freshness is very important. So in this point of view, micro-blog marketing also need to reflect on the good, find the reasons for the breakthrough through the environment, how to seize the attention of people, the accepted marketing taste!

second, micro-blog marketing is still vibrant. WeChat marketing active among mobile phone users, it can be said that the advantages are obvious, but micro-blog’s main battlefield is still on the computer, the rapid development of the mobile client, it is necessary. Micro-blog marketing positive or ingrained, it is temporarily unable to other platforms can be comparable to the authoritative information release, this is the biggest advantage of micro-blog marketing, positive announcement, announced the information with the authority of the news value, although this other platform >

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