2016 online travel venture capital TOP10 financing industry is the first subdivision

in the future, tourism demand is tending towards diversification and theme, leisure vacation, special theme, quality tourism become the main demand of tourism. The product supply structure of online holiday tourism enterprises is also being adjusted quickly to fit the change of consumption demand. Online and offline depth combination can go further.

data statistics, in 2016 Chinese tourists spend a total of 4 trillion and 660 billion yuan on the tour, the cost of online travel booking up to $602 billion 600 million, an increase of 34%. The size of the national travel agency transaction is about 400 billion yuan, the size of the online travel agency booking consumption, has far exceeded the traditional travel agency store consumption. Hundreds of billions of market size spawned more entrepreneurship and competition.

review last year, the online travel industry has also been a lot of events:

1 capital spread to the tourism industry in winter, the collapse of start-up companies, nearly 20 companies declared bankruptcy or bankruptcy, there are many companies fall into bankruptcy rumors;

2.2016 is the first year of China’s tourism IP, Disney opened in Shanghai, Ali travel renamed to fly the main tourist IP;

3 last year, the scale of investment in the tourism industry declined, but the total amount of various types of tourism industry funds get together to set up more than 200 billion yuan;

4 Airlines division straight down generation, sports tourism, tourism poverty alleviation, tourism supply side reform and other key words through the tourism industry.

2016 online travel industry investment and financing transactions

according to the investment boom database statistics, in 2015 the domestic online travel investment cases for 188, in 2016 this figure dropped to 132, a total investment of about RMB 6 billion 500 million yuan.

analysis by industry, cross-border travel is to get the most investment in the industry segments, a total of 38, accounting for about 29% of all transactions. National Tourism Administration data show that in 2016 the number of outbound tourists 122 million passengers, an increase of 4.3%. In fact, China has become the world’s largest outbound tourism consumption country for 4 consecutive years. Expected in the next 5 years, China’s outbound tourists will be more than 600 million passengers. This is due to the relaxation of visa conditions for many countries to provide Chinese services, open and convenient payment and other favorable, as well as the promotion of the user’s outbound travel consumption maturity. Data is expected to 2017 Spring Festival outbound travel trips will be more than 6 million.

secondly, is a tourist / community industry, a total of 25 pens, the station’s total transaction of 19%. Traffic accommodation industry and the theme of the tour were ranked third and fourth.

details as follows:


According to the analysis of the

sequence, the online travel industry investment in the early stage, the success of the project in the middle and late period of the scanty.

details as follows:



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