2015 killed startups Nora too bright

entrepreneurship, is now a big hit, but we have seen the success of entrepreneurial success, the tears and the pain of the losers who knows? 2015 inventory has been invested in the company’s list of dead.


library statistics as of December 31, 2015, a total of 989 companies in the "off" state, accounted for 4.5% of the total, the company added 83 more than in 2014.

but here is based on a technology called "closed" inference, namely through the library included in the company’s official website for technical analysis, cannot open or a parsing error to determine the "closed". Of course, this could lead to some companies "lying gun".


long from the perspective of survival, the startup average insisted for 32 months, the new company and mainly concentrated in the years 2011-2013 was established, and the last 34 months, the start-up companies in nearly three years after the establishment of the time will face the test of life and death.


from the field of distribution, electricity providers, social and local life most dead. In addition to unfamiliar street, basically no longer able to succeed.


company was voted off from the round, early in the project is the hardest hit, 87.2% have not yet been cast, but there are nearly 16% companies also fell by.


this list, Nora is a "special case", established in September 2006, it is already old, but still fell at the end of the day, and the trial process is a strange new conversation.

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