Site promotion to identify the entry point

today we do not talk about the topic we are always talking about, such as what the content, the chain ah, a variety of ways to promote. Today we talk about the promotion of the entry point, that is, where to promote their own site, there will be more effective.

is a cloud of war, for the soldiers to be taught not to rely on their own thinking. The art of war is just to play a guiding role, as a teacher to teach the students from different levels, depending on the individual potential.

site to promote the entry point is very important, it can be said to be part of precision marketing. For example, you have to be a boxing rally, then you must understand each other’s weaknesses, to defeat each other must use their own advantages to attack each other’s shortcomings, do not stop the attack, until KO opponent so far. You have to protect your own weaknesses in the process. If we observe no opponent’s shortcomings, strength constantly attacked each other, so not only can not play the effect of a move enemy, but make yourself, and finally become the lamb of others.

website promotion entry point is very important, so how do we find out?

first, your own analysis, what type, how to profit, who the customer is, what they love, what is love, which often go to stroll, what time to go. This only by their own analysis to know.

secondly, the above results are analyzed. Find out where the customer is going. Like what, if let his heart.

finally, take the right way to continue to attack, I said a lot about the action and execution of

This is just a simple

website promotion points, actually a lot of truth is enlightened, we must draw. Believe that success is in your eyes.

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