E commerce bull market

red child, paroxetine and other maternal and infant supplies company, Jingdong, Newegg 3C products website, direct selling enterprises PPG shirt to the huge financial risk investment, and to sell books as Dangdang, excellence, B2C in Chinese earth waves again, Chinese Internet from entertainment to heavy surrounded the cocoon, the mainstream pattern of electronic commerce the convergence with the world of the internet.

as China’s venture capital Godfather Xiong Xiaoge teacher said: more optimistic about the future of e-commerce e-commerce. The Internet can not only entertainment, when the Internet and traditional industries combined, will produce a powerful e-commerce, network sales will become one of the main channels of sales. With the increasing emphasis on e-commerce, Baidu shares to promote continuous innovation and high, but also will be sent to the huge Alibaba IPO temple. E-commerce in China, full of vitality, vitality and innovation.

"15 years ago I wanted to sell things through Alibaba, when people thought I was crazy." Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba, said, however, in 2006, Alibaba’s annual sales of Taobao reached 16 billion 900 million yuan, more than the turnover of WAL-MART in china. Red child, friends of music, Jingdong, PPG and other "light" sales achieved good sales performance, e-commerce is no longer impulse, cloning for online DELL, Gome, Suning, WAL-MART, e-commerce will become one of the mainstream sales channels.

what will be the next successful B2C come from the health industry is undoubtedly the most promising industry. 3 years ago, the famous American economist Paul " the "fifth wave" Pilzer wealth Chinese version for the first time in China, available, was named the "national best seller", has been reprinted 4 times. Paul " Pilze called "the fifth wave of wealth" the IT industry after in the health industry, through a large number of vivid case analysis and market analysis, reveals the health industry in the upcoming wave of wealth.

in China’s rapid economic growth today, the health industry is undoubtedly becoming China’s fifth wave of wealth". At present, China has made several online drug sales qualification has been one of the Shanghai pharmacy Guo Guangchang background, some pharmaceutical companies are actively seeking qualified pharmaceutical sales network, foresee in the near future, pharmaceutical products will also have a copy of the enterprise B2C business model reengineering drug B2C myth.

www.9che.com CEO: second-hand car luanpu

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