Rushmail foreign trade e mail address collection method you know

to do foreign trade business enterprises will do most of the e-mail marketing, a network marketing way which is their very important, but for a lot of just entering the foreign trade or foreign trade just contact EDM marketing friends, first consideration is how to obtain the target customer’s email address, some people will gather with the help of some bulk mail the software, but the quality is very low, and failed to do so. Now let’s talk about several ways to get the e-mail address of foreign trade customers:


a search engine

search foreign trade customers can first use the Google mailbox, the use of Google English search interface, and then can be based on the different keywords plus the suffix suffix search, such as:

product name + public mailbox suffix

product name +importers+email

product name + area + mailbox suffix

company name suffix + product name +email

there are other combinations can be a reasonable mix of search, the effect is pretty good. In addition to Google Google, you can also try Yahoo, AlltheWeb, etc., through different regions of different languages to search.

Two, check the Yellow Pages information

There are many online yellow pages website

, in the above search, find the time according to the industry classification to find, at the same time to pay attention to the above may be some sales mailbox or invalid email address, attention to the screening, if it is difficult to distinguish if you can use Rushmail email platform cleaning tool to clean up, and address the pool classification, one thing that is very important and EDM marketing steps to do.

three, exhibition site

exhibition site there will be a lot of information on the company, the choice of potential customer e-mail, no mailbox can enter the company’s Web site to see if there is no mailbox. If the page is not, you can try the right click the mouse to view the source file, search "@". Although this method is troublesome, but the mail marketing itself is seemingly simple but actually quite complex marketing tools, which should pay attention to the steps and details of the need for adequate patience.

four, B2B

can find the target customer’s email address on the B2B site, in fact, B2B can also be combined with search engines to search, such as B2B procurement information +email, etc.. At this point you can pay attention to what peers will be registered in the B2B site, we can also follow the registration, which is also a good way.

step to collect a good target customers have e-mail address, it is necessary to start sorting. Because there are a lot of email addresses on the Internet that are invalid or wrong, so to ensure the quality of the address >

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