Network marketing marketing effectiveness and customer conversion rate

      what is the purpose of enterprise marketing? In short, through the network platform to enhance the sales of enterprises. So in the first step we mentioned the enterprise website, the second step referred to the promotion of the network, the third step we mentioned the online advertising. Now it’s time to do the first three steps. Do not spend so much useless, remember in the first step we have to improve the detection effect of network marketing. If you don’t have a customer base for your own web site, you can only rely on third party statistics. At present, the third party statistics have been very stable and mature, but there is a problem, that is, can not fully meet your needs, some of the statistics you want may not be given the statistics of the third party. Below we talk about the effect of the network marketing, if you do a good job check, look at your customer conversion rate.

      1) the type of network marketing effect monitoring data class

      network marketing effect monitoring mainly relies on a series of statistical data analysis. So what are the numbers?
      1) user IP

      user IP is one of the most basic data, IP is the only one that can be used as a statistical keyword. For example, visitors, visitors stay time, visitors to visit the page, and ultimately have to correspond to the IP. IP is like a name given by a visitor.
      2) visitor source

      where do your website users come from? This is very important. For example you advertised in many places issued a forum to promote information, classified information in the published information on the B2B website released information, blog advertising and so on, these generalizations are likely to bring visitors to your web site, so the source may come from different places, so this source is URL one of the most important data, you can know according to this data, the best way to promote the advertising plays a role. So the next time to do network promotion and advertising when you have a basis. So the effect is not ideal channel can give up, instead of doing more effective efforts to channel. This is generally a lot of third party statistical system can provide this feature, such as cnzz, itsun, Google analytics are very good. But one thing, these statistics are, after all, not on your server, and such third party statistical services are free. Suddenly, the data is gone and you don’t have any. So I mentioned in the first step, >

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