Combing the promotion of smart home industry network channels which

the rapid development of the Internet, Internet marketing has become a major business importance of a piece of business, how to do a good job in the smart home industry network promotion, combing the smart home industry promotion channels is very important. Various promotion channels on the Internet can be described as a variety of, then what is the more effective promotion channels? Here to introduce the promotion of smart home industry network channels which.

smart home industry in the first line to do a sort of classification, separation of primary and secondary, and then another promotion.

, a search engine promotion (Recommendation Index assumes


search engine for the smart home industry is concerned, is to get the maximum flow of a platform, but also the largest Internet traffic entrance. The smart home industry in the field of search engine promotion is very competitive. The correct layout is the key.

major domestic search engines are Baidu, 360, etc., and the major companies are for Baidu, and Baidu is also free of charge and free promotion. The specific use of which effect is good? This would see the company’s development strategy, free of charge and free each have their own advantages, the charges referred to as SEM, this promotion, quick, will also have a high cost of promotion, for the intelligent Home Furnishing industry, not too much reliance on the promotion, and the need for free the combination of. Free promotion method referred to as SEO, is currently on the Internet gradually popularized a promotion. This promotion is a slow type, slow, needs a long time to run, of course, also requires a certain skill. The most important thing is free of charge.

two, portal website promotion (recommendation assumes)

this is a very expensive way of promotion, its display quantity is far greater than any kind of promotion, is the best brand promotion propaganda, is how to do? Can first be screened on the smart Home Furnishing related websites, such as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, In the vertical plate hanging advertising, these platforms are generally daily or monthly fees, and the cost is very high, but the user is also very high, disadvantage is that users not directed, will lead to a lot of garbage flows.

three, the promotion of soft paper (Recommendation Index assumes)

soft is to obtain the best product information page, the use of soft promotion is a very wise choice, how to do the promotion of soft paper? The first step is to collect the promotion platform, such as: the NetEase, Sohu, Sina portal, Home Furnishing,, home appliances sector and local portal nets etc.. And then invite the editor to promote the promotion of soft paper.

four, Forum promotion (recommendation. *)

BBS community is one of the most complete community forum can communicate together from all corners of the country’s population. So maybe this is an opportunity. At present the domestic famous popular forum is quite popular, such as Tianya, Xicihutong, NetEase, Sohu.

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