See how interact with WeChat fans so that the whole circle of friends boiling

In fact,

, Wangyeh (private WeChat onehong123) in the interactive circle of friends or less, regardless of their friends to point praise or message, graphic messages or their own circle of friends made interactive class. On the one hand because of their friends more than WeChat, brush faster, this information has not yet read, it was submerged in the crowd. On the other hand, if I am in the interactive category of graphic messages every day, we will feel tired. So, most of the time, or will send some of their own life news.

today, I’m going to talk about the three interaction of the week. Relatively speaking, the participation will be relatively high, the effect is better.

first is a guessing game


immediately ushered in a shopping season, whether it is clothing or appliances or delicacy, will gradually into the season, so I, based on past experience, and then combined with the Internet thinking is very popular this year, to a bold and innovative packaging. As follows:


this graphic message is very simple, is a basket of pictures, a word.

participate in the interaction to reach 139, only about 9, the reason is very simple, because this is the way to interact with questions, you point like no meaning.

so, according to this interaction point of view, can cause the interaction of the main factors in the following areas. First, you need to have a certain degree of interactivity. I use the questioning method, such questions, can make friends to participate, because everyone has curiosity, are very curious about what is it loaded, in accordance with the normal logic, this basket is the basic egg ah, ah like cookies, most Lenovo will immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival the used packaging moon cake. However, the result is an unexpected. It is used to install my own home – Ling’an pecan.

second, he is also involved. In the process of all dead message, you need to keep the view of the message, and then a whole speech, for example, when we are guessing is egg when I made a guess: Send a basket for you, is good oh. So, everyone’s passion is even greater, more interactive message. Then, the middle and a total: say there is no one right. The result is that people are more curious. So further message, some may be two messages. After a period of time to announce the final answer. Then, if you have guessed, to announce the winning.

second is a little commercial nature of the auction model. The following figure


actually, to do this interaction, I am not in order to sell this bottle of wine, but to see the interaction of everyone, as well as the degree of recognition of red wine or market conditions.


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