How to map the site navigation station

I had to help a friend planning a lot of navigation station, a station of a group purchase navigation, navigation station, a navigation station, now I’m planning to help a friend a mobile phone navigation station planning, actually it is very simple, the key is to find the target groups, find their needs, they want what they what is man, grasp the needs good planning, about his promotion, because the content is not included in the navigation station, limited, so take effective means of promotion is the most important, because the navigation station does not have what creative at all, so can not let users will see love, still have to face the final promotion then, with a good user experience to allow users to remember and, in short, to promote more powerful, more and more repeat customers, to tell the truth, do this very much, not There is no possibility of success, the following analysis has favorable conditions,


navigation station, there must be a unique web site, now basically no good. Very short. To those who have registered domain name investors, how to do that, you can think about three Chinese characters domain name spelling, such as my mobile phone web station, mobile phone is a mobile phone spelling cattle cattle. Good memory ah, although a bit longer, but I feel better than others a good memory to add some digital Chinese characters, when users enter the domain name is best not to switch the keyboard, a keyboard a small digital keyboard he would be very upset, so I think my name is good. It’s easy to remember.

2, the advertisement can not put too much, everyone can see, to make products, also is what we must strengthen the viscosity to customers, if this station is good, he will come next or will not rise? If he used after the follow-up period after President. The appropriate advertising can still be there, not too obviously do not occupy the main position, display in the secondary position, the main position shows good content, customer needs, such a mobile phone industry website up, my website now cattle hand machine every day 500IP, now about 400 is Baidu the 100 is the customer input the value of their visible viscosity began to appear.

3, good location of their customers, site navigation station is too much, so how to compete with other wars, I then identify the target group, I put the mobile phone industry to lock people, mobile phone Chinese practitioners in as few as 30 million, so many national city, each city has a lot of selling mobile phone the shops, including mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone development, mobile phone sales, mobile phone dealers, mobile phone enthusiasts. No matter what his purpose is, in my mobile phone site navigation can find their favorite mobile phone website.

4, there is a unique advantage, the more adequate the better, the more reasons, so that your navigation is different from other web site navigation.

5, your site navigation station to innovation, don’t do well with the same 123, now the most they didn’t imitate Navigation >

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