B round of financing 1 billion 216 million valued at 18 billion 500 million to the P2P of Lu Jin


January 18, 2016, Lu Jin officially announced recently completed $1 billion 216 million financing, including the B round investors invested $924 million A round investors and the exercise of the call option investment of $292 million, after the completion of the financing, Lu Jin reached $18 billion 500 million valuation.

according to reports, Lu Jin B round of financing obtained from many foreign institutional investors involved, including Bank of China Group Investment Ltd, Guotai Junan Securities (Hongkong) Co., Ltd., Minsheng Bank International Holdings limited.

for the use of the financing, said Lu Jin Ji Kui is the largest investment was off, so the future. In addition will also continue to strengthen the ability of risk control system, ensure that the platform in the rapid development of the investment security escort.

B round of financing, Ping An Bank holds a 47.49% stake in Lu Jin, Lu Jin is the largest shareholder, Xinjiang Jun SPV Holdings 28.08%, Linzhi gold SPV Holdings 2.06%, Shanghai blue for SPV Holdings 17.37%, A round investors holding 5%. This round of financing Lu Jin IPO between 6%-7%, after the capital increase Ping An Bank holdings in 43%-44%, is still the largest shareholder.


valuation doubled, but has been at a loss of

in September 2011, where Lu Jin was incorporated in Shanghai, is a member of China Ping An group. Registered capital of 837 million yuan. In March 2012, Lu Jin’s network investment and financing platform (steady earnings – an E) officially launched after the operation, and Lu Jin also launched personal loans to individuals for investment and financing services (steady earnings – an industry), pension entrust management products (Fuying life) and structured financial advisory services business innovation.

as of December 2015, Lu Jin has worked with more than 500 agencies, the number of registered users more than 18 million people, nearly 3 million 630 thousand active users. One of the personal credit business has been operating for 4 years, institutional trading platform for the operation of 2 years, the fund channel operation for six months.

data show that Lu Jin’s 2014 revenue of $100 million in revenue in 2015 is expected to be $706 million, from 2016 to 2018 revenue is expected to be $3 billion 103 million, $6 billion 166 million, $9 billion 843 million.



at the end of 2014, Lu Jin’s valuation is $10 billion, after the B round of financing valuation has reached $18 billion, from $10 billion to $18 billion, Lu Jin spent a year’s time, but so far, Lu Jin has been at a loss.

had previously said that in 2015, Lu Jin is expected to lose 415 million U.S.

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