Website promotion three recommendations with the novice webmaster

A: how to choose a good promotional material

if you can find a particularly good material as a selling point, the work behind you start a lot easier, so the steps in the forum to promote the selection of good material is particularly important.

1: find the most popular element

first of all you have to understand what is now the most popular users to see what is now the most popular. For example, when I use the BBS propaganda website, it is Super Girls’s red, lotus also of particular concern. Then I will find a lot of Super Girls video and related posts. And some lotus chrysanthemum sister boys after the funny video, go to the major forum to promote. Send out, immediately attracted the attention of the majority of Internet users, naturally brought a good flow effect. If the family can not determine what is now the most fire, the easiest way is to refer to Baidu YAHOO Sogou keyword list. What is the most popular, where you can find the answer.

2: pornography and the difference between the edge of the ball material

no way now men are lewd, just looking for some more passionate video sent out. No matter what period, there will be a lot of attention. Just such a post, it is easy to be considered by the forum moderator virus, with a great chance of bolt. This is more about the post technique. Version of the choice is also very critical, as far as possible to choose a more comprehensive version of the district to promote, so that the probability of being posted will be much smaller, there will be good results.

two: how to choose the best promotional site

through the practice of their own propaganda process, feel good publicity sites, the forum is the most important point in the process of propaganda. If you go to the local publicity, popularity is very low, a few online version of the area, even a few days post. Your material is good, then skilled post skills are not used. How to find a good publicity site, and I would like to say how they used to look for.

1: to have a good flow of statistical software to be able to count the day’s traffic is coming from the forum, where the flow is more, where the flow is relatively small. Statistical software is a necessary tool for website promotion. Personal recommendation 51LA (statistical powerful, but also less than the general statistics of traffic, you can make efforts to promote)

2: find more forums to do experiments in my China community BBS top 20 forum have registered ID, each forum have chosen related forum post publicity. After several days of observation and discovery. The use of traffic statistics software to choose from the flow of the three largest forum. I will continue to focus on the publicity of these three forums. Not afraid to tell you that I am in these three forums, each forum has registered a 30-50 ID. I chose the forum area is an average of hundreds of people – thousands of online. Often I just need a good material, in the three forums after the hair, and then go to the top several times, 1 days will be able to bring

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