More than one Baidu in China

recently, a lot of personal web pages have not been included in Baidu, and a considerable part of the original Baidu has been included in the site has been Baidu K off. Faced with this situation, I think no matter who, as long as the webmaster have the feeling. So the network appeared overnight, how to let Baidu included, why the site was K, and so many of these articles, for those who grope in the dark grassroots webmaster who lit up the road.

first I have to say that I am not a SEO expert, so if you are now in order to solve the problem of SEO or how to be included in Baidu, then you can leave now.

, I just want to talk about it on another level.

China has an old saying: "love again, why love a flower." On the search engine, I admit that in China, Baidu is big, but Baidu is not big enough to dominate the internet. Recently, there are a lot of people through a variety of ways to ask me why Baidu does not include their own web site, I do not want to do too many answers to this question. Yes, Baidu included is very important, which means that your site will grow faster, but Baidu really important to leave him can not live?. Give an example of the image, I manage a website is a bisexual portal, called her network ( until now, Baidu included the page is still only a single digit, although the effect is a certain, but the site has been developing steadily, and not to any Baidu can not live at the same time, I also have reason to believe that Baidu will sooner or later included my site once known what are you worried about? Unfortunately, now many grassroots Adsense always think of Baidu as a life-saving straw, do not think Baidu’s own website is no hope.

of course, some people would say that Chinese people are accustomed to using Baidu. Is, I admit it, because even Google had to show the white feather. But we have a wrong thing, that is: Baidu is not included in the final goal, but only a shortcut or a way of development. Because I believe that even if Baidu is not included in your page, when others know your site, you can search through Baidu or your site. So there is such a kind of embarrassment, the site is not well-known because Baidu was not included in the stop, and want to develop to be included in the hope of Baidu. This vicious circle of how to jump out how to jump out of this is a fundamental problem.

here, I personally think that to jump out of this vicious circle, there is only one solution is to promote.

I contacted

in many webmaster complain to me, I found one thing in common, that is the webmaster basically little or no thought to be used in the promotion, blindly believe that as long as the Baidu included there is hope. I once said to a Webmaster: "if Baidu never included your page? Or assume that China simply"

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