For tens of millions of dollars in financing the Tasly elephant to do intelligent insurance service

billion euros in February 10, 2017 – the elephant recently announced the acquisition of millions of dollars Pre-A round of financing, the investor is Tasly group.

completion of the current round of investment in mid 2016, elephant CEO Yang Zhe said, "although as Tasly pharmaceutical companies, but also the layout in the financial sector, and there’s a special industrial investment fund, and their health insurance business and the elephant through the data model can be combined with a financial services business good. This is not a reason for the choice of pure VC institutions, elephant insurance more attention to the investment side has the dual ability of resources and capital, in particular, the two sides at the business level can have a strong combination and mutual assistance."

elephant was founded in October 2015, is the intelligent insurance service platform kphos Century Network Technology Co. Ltd was established at the beginning of operation, namely century insurance brokerage Limited by Share Ltd 20 million yuan angel investment.


core team, CEO has Yang zhe MBA degree from Beihang University, worked at China Mobile, Ali cloud, HUAWEI and other companies, has a strong ability in big data and cloud computing planning and product innovation. Chen Long served as Alipay CTO wireless core architect, responsible for the core business of commercial banks and payment system architecture research and product innovation management, in the Internet banking business architecture design, risk control and safety and the direction of big data experience.

from a business model perspective, the elephant insurance as an intelligent insurance service platform, not only do the insurance sales platform, but from the perspective of the user needs to build the insurance service and security system, many users in the process of accumulation of data, these data have real and vivid (online data) features, can be connected in series through it can be traced back in accordance with the time axis. To provide reliable and accurate and efficient insurance and the extension of the financial service for the users through massive data mining and mobile Internet technology, the future will become a big data service platform with high net family assets data based.

elephant insurance business development can be summarized into 3 main lines:

first, big data: the elephant stressed that big data real landing, these data have its own user data, and the third party credit agencies have access to data, such as sesame credit and will access the Qianhai credit, through the multi dimension data analysis for a portrait by users, gradually build hierarchical user the system automatically, reduce the risk of potentially fraudulent claims. As the product iteration and the accuracy of the data upgrade, do users tag and recommend products from the initial to today, intelligent product user portrait matching based on research and development of RA (Intelligent Consultant Robot Adviser robot), can provide insurance knowledge, product guide for users using intelligent robots, automatic and full back claims process service.

second, product: emphasis on user centric, through constant >

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