The men’s gambling sites jailed for 4 years

unemployed man for an offshore gambling site Sun City as an agent, within 4 months to receive a total of more than 3000 yuan betting amount. Reporters learned yesterday from the Mentougou court, due to constitute the crime of opening casinos, a jailed for 4 years, and fined 10 thousand yuan.

, 38 years old, a chess room in the foreign gambling website after listening to the sun, he was addicted to gambling. Linked to the site on the line Lin, Ann began to act as the agent of the site, the development of at least five or six downline. He gets the gambling account and password from the line, and then sent to the downline, profit from it, he hopes to be able to lose 40 thousand yuan earned in the site back. A found "assistant" Wei to help them make money.

, the court held that a Wei for the purpose of making profits, as agent for the gambling sites and accept bets, if the circumstances are serious, their behavior had constituted the crime of opening casinos. A recidivist, the principal, shall be punished severely according to law, made the decision.

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