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in fact, personal feeling quite pleased, the previous selection of the blog program did not reflect what the program to optimize the quality of the conversion. Like I now use the CMS system, did not know that dedecms is a typical representative of the PHP program optimization. Blog program and CMS program has become the main carrier of my personal website. In the CMS system for the website optimization recommendation in the article talked about the most suitable for the optimization procedure of CMS system, this article is posted on the blog system in the most appropriate optimization program.

ASP program blog typical representative recommended: Z-blog

Z-blog program optimization features

1 supports custom content pages url.  
3 template customization function.
4 visual editor.
5 can be the generation of static HTML page.

Z-blog program comprehensive review

this is currently the most widely used ASP language blog program. Has more than L-blog, become the boss of the domestic ASP BLOG, upgrade and update faster, more templates. Many features are very convenient for seo. But Z-blog’s operation is not as simple as L-blog.

PHP program blog typical representative: WordPress

WordPress program optimization features

1 Apache mod_rewrite
3 support Chinese url.
4 powerful custom templates. Unlike some of the domestic blog template in a file.
5 plugin, SEO plugin is also a lot of. Such as UTW.

WordPress program comprehensive review

WordPress is the best open source blog program abroad, through a number of extensions, WordPress can even be customized for cms. Many of its features are the most popular for seo. For example, Chinese URL, but the Chinese URL is UTF-8 coding. There are famous UTW plug-ins. WordPress templates and plug-ins should be the largest in the world, you can save yourself the trouble of making templates.

more than two procedures I have used, especially the optimization of zblog, some key words really optimized to the pole, brought a lot of traffic. However, because of the template and style, modify too difficult, coupled with the conversion of my space >

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